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A tribute to detective series Ironside, starring Raymond Burr, Don Galloway, Don Mitchell, Barbara Anderson and Elizabeth Baur. Music is by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.
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25 Responses to “Ironside”

  1. hungryherbie says:

    @WilliamDRowlett enough of that vulgar talk dear sir… the man is deceased many years now and you should show some respect …..but I agree he was excellent in Ironside

  2. WilliamDRowlett says:

    @hungryherbie As long as Raymond Burr didn’t try to grab at my crotch, I had no problem with him. He was excellent in this show.

  3. TheWill2579 says:

    @olivermcummins you are stupid!

  4. misspaddylee says:

    All Hail “The Chief”!

  5. doc2skate says:

    Raymond Burr played the BADDEST Bad Men during the 50′s in Film Noir and Westerns. He is also the definitive “Perry Mason” and “Ironside”. Once he stared at you with those eyes, you knew immediately to back off.

    Plus the man had style. Check out the suits and those cars he and Drake drove in “Perry Mason”. The man was cool…

  6. WilliamDRowlett says:

    There’s a guy in this band playing some serious cowbell.

  7. crazypainter56 says:

    any one have the footage of ” a Rock band on one episode-I think the band was called “The Hook”——- from Calif—

  8. cpnstav says:

    No Idea how a crap series like this lasted so long.It only served as a clothes rack for barbabra .Different outfit almost every scene.

  9. jorgealbertobaron2 says:

    serie clásica

  10. hungryherbie says:

    @kenfig good to hear you weren’t serious …cheers

  11. kenfig says:

    @hungryherbie Sorry man, i was being silly

  12. hungryherbie says:

    @kenfig I don’t care what sexuality Burr was and most people would agree with me
    ..just to say Burr was a fine actor played many roles and that’s the way he should be remembered ..and enough of that talk sir

  13. kenfig says:

    Ironside was a faggot in real life ; no wonder he was in a wheelchair

  14. LadyJML says:

    @Geezyone LOL, yes, he does look like Black Dynamite!

  15. StukInBuf says:

    @Medic83301 In the late 80s, he played a psychologist in *General Hospital.*

    RIP, Messrs. Burr and Galloway.

  16. Medic83301 says:

    Raymond Burr’s ironside charecter i loved . Even though an assasin’s bullet crippled him , you couldn’t keep a good man down ! Him and his team of detectives were relentless in the pursuit of the bad guy and they solved every case .

  17. hungryherbie says:

    Great memories and a great theme excellent posting Lady JML

  18. Geezyone says:

    Hey are you sure that is Don Mitchell or is that Black Dynamite?

  19. basspfosten says:

    I could use a little more cowbell.

  20. SweepsBruceLee says:

    The intro to Ironside is shown in every episode. In the intro there is a brief shot of him holding a gun but I was wondering whether he actually uses one during any of the 199 episodes?

  21. LadyJML says:

    LOL, that’s a good one!!

  22. olivermcummins says:

    Great tune ….did you know IRONSIDE quit his job
    …because he hated being pushed around

  23. RustleAbout says:

    is there an MP3 of this theme available? Where did you find it? It’s great!

  24. WilliamRowlett says:

    Nahh. Gotta remember Ironside was set back in the days when you could bust a dude and run him in just for looking strange. So David Carradine, looking like a chinese and maybe acting goofy, it ought be plenty of probable cause to justify hauling him in.

  25. yodasteveo says:

    Cool video from lady JML

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