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Irish television comedy programme 1996 ~ CU Burn ~ Portion 1 of three

CU Burn ~ Component 1 of three CU Burn is an Irish language tv comedy broadcast on the Irish language television channel TG4. It told the tales of the County Donegal undertakers Charlie and Vincie Burn who ran a turf-fueled crematorium. They were rivalled by an additional group of far more expert undertakers led by Frank Doyle. The show revolved around the hapless Charlie Burn (the CU Burn of the title) whose misendeavours usually led to considerably chaos while his lengthy-suffering brother Vincie Burn requested a quiet life. CU Burn was written and directed by Niall Mac Eamharcaigh[1] and was first broadcast in 1996. The series was filmed entirely in the Donegal Gaeltacht location and was 1 of the first house-produced Television series to be broadcast on the fledgling TG4.
Video Rating: five / five

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8 Responses to “Irish television comedy programme 1996 ~ CU Burn ~ Portion 1 of three”

  1. Rayvn7 says:

    @protec8118 Oh, yes, completely right, ’cause deaf people and people who can’t speak Irish shouldn’t be allowed to watch this show =.

  2. dubhslaine2 says:

    Does RTE sell this on DVD?

  3. protec8118 says:

    How can the idiots in RTE be so blind….
    This is comedy – unlike that absolute crap they’ve been feeding us for the past 15 years, subtitles or not – this series, and Glennceo are real IRISH comedy – Is maith loim e!

  4. louthleviathan says:

    The guy on the right reading the paper was my Fear on Ti when I went to the concentration camp that was the Rannafast Ghaeltacht.

    He parked trailers of turf against the windows to stop us escaping. I can still feel the horse hair in the mattresses.

  5. bigfellalixnaw says:

    is maith liom an clar seo, is e saibhreas le greannmhar

  6. ocomaing says:

    nach dtig libh mur gcuid rud a scriobh i nGaeilg!!!

  7. kealyc says:

    This is brilliant. Helps learning too. And it promotes the Gaeltacht.

  8. conor2devenney says:


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