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Intro to Pilot of Hogan’s Heroes

This is the Intro to the very first episode of Hogan’s Heroes
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Intro to Pilot of Hogan’s Heroes”

  1. wallofvideo says:

    @switcherxx john banner (schultz) was also jewish.

  2. keithsmove says:

    Greatest show ever!

  3. clintonearlwalker says:

    I watched every episode of this program when I was kid, most of them many times. I’ve almost finished reading the autobiography of Rudolph Hoess, Kommandant KL Auschwitz, I have it open in another tab right now. It’s quite different than Hogans Hero’s. I also seen a web page once describing the actual LuftStalag XIII, it was different also. Robert Clary that played LeBeau in the series is on the “List of Famous Prisoners” of Buchenwald.

  4. cha5 says:

    @Mr76Yearsago That makes sense, I wouldn’t be suprised if director Billy Wilder wasn’t a bit P.O. at Crosby as well, being that he took the whole concept for this series right down to Sgt Schultz as a character straight from
    Stalag 17, especially if Wilder didn’t get any acknowledgement for it.

  5. switcherxx says:

    did you know Werner (Klink) is actually Jewish?

  6. mpjgbx says:

    Who brained Bob Crane?

  7. Curtisba32 says:

    Crane would rather make a porno!!!

  8. 1skullduggery says:

    apoooool sdoooooodle….!

  9. 1skullduggery says:

    klemperer was, among other things, an opera singer…hogaaaan!!

  10. fatkinson2011 says:

    @Mr76Yearsago Sometimes you have to play with fire to achieve great things. HH was a chance for people from the war to sit back and laugh at the Germans as they were portrayed. And I have to admit that Klemperer and Banner (not to mention a few others) did make the enemy look a bit silly. It was a time when people needed to start laughing again.

  11. warriorCI09 says:

    I’ll say this “Hulk Hogan Sure has Alot of Heroes” to call this Hogan’s Heroes !!

  12. Veruka311096 says:

    Simply the best series ever :)
    RIP Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Ivan Dixon and Larry Hovis.

  13. Mr76Yearsago says:

    Bing Crosby was “PLAYING with FIRE” when this show debuted (in Black & White) on Friday, September 17,1965. Despite so many of the actors on the show having actually suffered in some or large part at the hands of the Nazis , many Americans that night still had the numbers of the concentration camps tatooed on their arms. In fact, William Holder was angered with Crosby
    for directly saterizing his role in “Stalag 17″

  14. namesuser1590 says:

    very cool

  15. Mante53 says:

    Klink :D

  16. noclouds111 says:

    My dad was a WWII vet. I remember how he would laugh while watching Hogan’s Heroes.
    It’s a bright spot in my life.

  17. tranurse says:

    @gen8joey lol

  18. MarkusHeracles says:

    The pilot was filmed in BW. Sgt Carter was added afterwards

  19. silenthunter54 says:

    Where the hell is carter

  20. jcfbell3001 says:

    pretty much…the americans were adaptable, the germans were arrogant, short-sighted and shot themselves in the foot with a nutball ideology….sounds like hogan and klink/schultz/hochstetter to me…

  21. nachjagger33 says:

    Pero que bien lo pasaban estos hijos de puta en la Stalag 12…
    los alemanes eran unos imbéciles… buena cama… buen ambiente…
    Sin combatir, con alimento, sin soportar brujas…
    una sola consulta…
    ¿Quién se culiaba (fucked) a quién…
    who´s fucked who´s…..

  22. 1onefinn says:

    Dad LOVED this show!

  23. sbrady53 says:

    This always struck me as more of a “guy” show, appealing much more to men than women. This may explain why (as far as I can remember) it was never part of the CBS daytime lineup. Contrast that with Gomer Pyle or M*A*S*H, which were afternoon staples for years.

    For those of you post-Oprah, the networks, especially CBS, used to regularly air reruns of their prime time sitcoms, even cancelled shows, as part of their Monday-Friday daytime schedules.

  24. MrCombat1965 says:

    The good old days of after-school TV.

  25. Navdan87 says:


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