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Inspection for F Troop

Saturday morning of the reeneactment
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to “Inspection for F Troop”

  1. chiefnut48 says:

    Oh man this is great stuff. They don’t make them like this anymore

  2. unclealice says:

    A movie is not good news… movie of a classic tv show has ever come close to the genius of the original

  3. fancycharmed says:

    “Men, you’re in the Army now!”
    Funny stuff

  4. magalahi02 says:

    hahaha, “if you’re awake, let your face know about it”!

  5. digitallykilla says:

    Fuck troop sucks.

  6. DET832 says:

    Larry Storch was great on this show. A great cast to…

  7. ThunderCurls says:

    Could be a hit and miss.

  8. RatCity2020 says:

    Good News to all of the F Troop Fans..
    They are going to make a F Troop Movie. Sometime this summer or next Summer.

  9. docwra8 says:

    A classic scene from one of the best comedies made. It’s still funny and fresh. Why can’t they make them like this any more?

  10. BiNowGayLater says:

    The best comedy of its kind – one of a kind! I agree with acoyrazorback, they couldn’t do this today. Bloody brilliant. Thanks for the post!

  11. masterchiif says:

    im 12 years old and i like this show

  12. acoyrazorback says:

    Bloody funny bloke, loved it since I was a kid nearly 40 years ago. Not much has been as good since don’t think they would be alowed to do such a comedy in the us these days.

  13. fromthesidelines says:

    From the pilot episode of the series, “Scourge Of The West” {September 14, 1965}….

  14. bloatox says:

    good on ya, thanks for posting this scene i havnt seen it for 20 or so years and its still topnotch comedy

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