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Infamous Dragnet “Blue Boy” LSD scene

The hysterical and stereotypical classic scene about a youth tripping on acid from the late 60s TV version of the show “Dragnet” (1967-1970)…which was revived to address the growing popularity of drugs such as marijuana and LSD among youth. Although well-intentioned, the result was often overexaggerated, naive and one-sided…showing unrealistic effects of these drugs. It has since become a camp classic sometimes compared with the likings of “Reefer Madness” because of its self-righteousness and unintentionally funny situations involving drug use.

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25 Responses to “Infamous Dragnet “Blue Boy” LSD scene”

  1. fbebeats says:

    How do you develop a drug by accident? :)

  2. superkman8900 says:

    when I’m on LSD I can act sober.

  3. PorkFrog says:

    with that face paint, obviously a chargers fan….

    that team enough to make anyone suicidal

    ps: col. potter was the shit

  4. Jonnythecowboy666 says:

    @tygersflowerz There are no recorded overdoses on acid but there are cases of people taking of 100,000 hits of it. It would take a shit load of it to kill you.

  5. justgottalaugh says:

    you kids turn down that damned rock and roll. and get a haircut!

  6. atfatw says:

    where the famous show where joe and bill broke up that lesbian pride week rally?

  7. atfatw says:

    looks like the stupid weirdo nuerosoup LSD girl

  8. dessertfoxx says:

    snitch ass cunts!

  9. mjs3888 says:

    “We Protest.” So poetic…

  10. Hobisibo says:

    Merry Christmas! 5:21

  11. nk3007 says:

    I’m so glad that the people who believe in this foolishness are finally dying off.

  12. DanDoesThat says:

    4:10 That fucking snitching bitch.

  13. molesteer says:

    Blue Boy would of been far safer in a jail cell same goes for Micheal Jackson

  14. sehnsucht333 says:

    @an50331 it’s interesting, isn’t it? it would take millions of dollars worth of LSD to kill you, yet most people could easily (and legally) kill themselves with less than a hundred bucks worth of alcohol that was cheap/strong enough.

    go back to bed, america!

  15. jezzzzkuuhhh says:

    He was clearly going to a football game.

  16. PawlieGR says:

    I don’t get why his face is painted like that.

  17. an50331 says:

    @tygersflowerz you can, but the amount from what i remember is in the millions of dollars worth. so in other words its possible but very unlikely someone could even get a hold of that much.

  18. PoloniumSmoker says:


    Deaths are rare because it’s sold in such small amounts. You barely need much acid to trip. If they sold it by the bucketful, then hippies would be an extinct species.

    Look up LSD LD50 on google and you’ll get thousands of results, including erowid. I don’t have a vendetta against LSD, by the way.

  19. WutDfuzz says:

    propaganda fail

  20. dullsvillain says:

    I saw Joe Friday dancing nude at Woodstock a few years later.

  21. Grepple1234 says:

    The forensic chemist was the voice of “Batman” on the Saturday morning Superrfriends series.

  22. RadioCannedMusic says:

    I always wondered how Friday would have acted if he somehow accidently got caught up in the haze of a Grateful Dead show with hundreds of rational male & female Dead Head Blueboys.

  23. tygersflowerz says:

    I’m highly naive about drugs, but I didn’t know you could really OD on LSD. I would suppose you could die from your hallucinations. Driving while hallucinating, or jumping out a window…lol.. but can you OD on the actual drug? I’ve not heard of it.

  24. tygersflowerz says:

    @wyzrd777 Yes! That’s okay. Your doctor smokes them too.

  25. tygersflowerz says:

    Guy with the paintbrush is cute.

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