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Imogene Coca–What’s My Line

Imogene Coca was the mystery guest on the April Fools Day 1956 rendition of WML.
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  1. mattycat33 says:

    Yes, that was Imogene in, at least the first “Vacation”, which is the only one I ever saw, lol! She was a big hit in “Your Show of Shows”, great early variety show in the late 40′s and early 50′s. Classic television.

  2. weightfeather1 says:

    Imogene was not pretty like a model, but her’s was an adorable face. I could watch her forever. So expressive, she was!

  3. weightfeather1 says:

    @zkzkzk Although there were some similarities, if you ever get the chance to watch some of Imogene’s work, (and this is really hard because her best stuff is mostly lost!) you’ll see that they’re really quite different.

  4. librarybob1958 says:

    A supremely talented lady, long and happily married to actor King Donovan, who had her brushes with adversity and came out the better for it, funny Philadelphian Imogene Coca was one of the class acts and great ladies of comedy.

  5. TheSunmanho says:


    probably the inventor of Coca Cola

  6. Mascro1977 says:

    Fran Drescher could NEVER be the mystery guest!

  7. subfixerlee says:

    Aunt Edna to Clark: Dog killer!

  8. dkamm65 says:


  9. DictatorRoB says:

    Looking at her reminds me of movie “Some like it hot”.

  10. Thomas05091942 says:

    @xcvfr57 Yes, she was.

  11. vShaede says:

    @xcvfr57 - Yes, she is. =)

  12. Qermaq says:

    Why did that deserve a neg? Really?

  13. BjornPalmen says:

    Dorothy Kilgallen
    Arlene Francis

  14. Ozimandias84 says:

    why did youtube repeatedly keep reccomending this clip to me?
    ive no idea who imogene coca is

  15. xcvfr57 says:

    hey isn’t she the aunt in the movie family vacations?

  16. chucknyc123 says:

    I am loving all these clips. People like this supremely talented woman, who both Carol Burnett and Madeline Kahn emulated, would otherwise be almost forgotten. She was great in ‘Grindl.’ Her showstopping number in ‘On the Twentieth Century’ in on YouTube.

  17. OldTimerGoGetter says:

    Oh, Bennett and his ears!

    He’s the one who usually recognizes the number of guests and the voices of mystery challengers…how does he do that!?

  18. n6611 says:

    Did Marilyn Monroe appear on What’s My Line????

  19. erzbet07 says:

    I watched GRINDL too (because of Imogene) but it was a regular sitcom and didn’t begin to use all of Miss Coca’s comedic gifts.

    If you really want to see Imogene at her best, check out YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS with the Sid Caesar group (‘THE CLOCK’ is esp. hilarious) here on YOU TUBE.

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse of Imogene on WML.

  20. zkzkzk says:

    It seems like Carol Burnett basically modeled her act after Imogene.

  21. vistadelmar999 says:

    Arlene francis & Dorothy kilgallen

  22. Qermaq says:

    I recognize Bennett Serf and Victor Borge, who were the rest of the panel?

  23. pasfresh123 says:

    what the hell was that?! at 3:10. He looks like he can be really silly in private, and therefore his TV persona his totally fake.

  24. JTPolo101 says:

    I saw her on Broadway in “The Twentieth Century” back in the early 80s. In the play she plays a kooky evangelist type who sneaks around placing stickers saying “REPENT” all over the place. In one of the musical numbers she actually runs into teh audience and places a few stickers on people in the audience. MY dad included.

    After the show we saw her leaveing the theater and she saw the sticker on my dad and came up and gave him a hug for being a good sport, and autographed it. Very sweet Lady

  25. nelsen050317 says:

    Make it three. I was a little too young for “Your Show of Shows,” but I did watch her on “Grindl.” Loved it. What a talented lady.

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