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Iggy Pop interview on the Tom Snyder Show 1980

This is seriously the most decrepit that I’ve ever seen Iggy. It was back when he was reduced to schmoozing with Tom Snyder and releasing soulless 80s rock albums to support his smack habit. Fortunately, his career finally rebounded in the early 90s, when HBO hired him to host their new show Tales from the Crypt.

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25 Responses to “Iggy Pop interview on the Tom Snyder Show 1980”

  1. vOdKa666666666666666 says:


  2. 9504212 says:

    hanging out on the Sunset Strip?? He started in Detroit and was Iggy before he went to LA..

  3. coalhalo says:

    He’s breathing hard because he just finished performing…hence the follow-up Q&A session.

  4. michaelofGB45 says:

    he reminds me of flea here… or i should say, flee reminds me of him

  5. deathbypowerglove says:

    He is really breathing hard lol.

    Is he on something or withdrawal at this point? I’m not really sure on his drug timeline,

    Fantastic human and music though

  6. ritter89 says:

    @MrMaskita Sorta ironic that one of the most authentic guys on the planet is a dude named James Osterberge who felt the need to change his name to Iggy Pop. His spiel about Dionysus was swiped straight from the mouth of Jim Morrison, his old drinking buddy. Before James became Iggy and the current godfather of punk, he was just another scenester who hung out on the Sunset Strip. Don’t mean to sound cynical but you’re romanticizing an image, not a real person

  7. dchs11 says:

    great interview. this is how interviews should be conducted. spur of the moment dialogue, hard pressing questions, and honest, uncensored answers. no note cards just fucking dialogue between two very respectable people. Excellent, excellent.

  8. jasperisneat says:

    This is chuck norris on heroin

  9. adamsmith13real says:

    what happened to his teeth? It looks like his front tooth is recently broke.

  10. moderjoker says:

    @bluerok1 He’sactually a very clever man. Do your research, square.

  11. bluerok1 says:

    what a drug wasted piece of space this dude is, I can’t believe David Bowie would want to have anything on a personal level to do with the freak.

  12. badmuddy says:

    i recognize that kit!

  13. riotgrrl67 says:

    @rainerroxxursoxx he wants a smoke(i’m guessing).

  14. rainerroxxursoxx says:

    6:16 ?

  15. MishuTaste says:

    Tom Snyder reminds me of Howard Dean.

  16. FungusMossGnosis says:


    Of course, I agree; and I’ll also say that Tom’s show was often the first place I saw a deeper side to people who were already well known in America. His show was certainly more playful than Charlie Rose’s hour, and I’d say more interesting on the whole.

  17. DrDespicable says:

    @FungusMossGnosis Absolutely! Tom didn’t always “get it”, but he was open-minded, for the most part. First place I ever saw Adam & the Ants was on Snyder’s show, and that was when almost no one in the US had heard of them. Tom was brilliant.

  18. kistershi says:

    Love him-he jumps from “was talkin to that chick who works for you” to “one hates to define oneself” -perfect old style grammer-love it

  19. fazelife says:

    @agirotil and you’re obviously a loser that flames up people on the internet because you don’t have the necessary qualities to fit in in public. i dont WANT to start an argument with you, you want to start one with me. at this point, i just want to let you know that you are immature for your age, and you should work on that. I am proud of what i did on that call of duty black ops game, and when i saw that YOU commented on it, i was disappointed. i was disappointed cause i know that you’re loser

  20. agirotil says:

    @fazelife Then you’re dumb. 63 isn’t old. You’re probably an old young, to think that. heh

  21. Erevial says:

    this is the not only the the greatest interview , this the greatest ..thing i’ve ever seen. this is a masterpiece , period

  22. CastroL94 says:

    from 3:08 to 3:16
    loooooooooooooooooooooool hahahahahahahahhahahaha

  23. bluestate69 says:

    you really have to consider the time this was recorded. punk music was considered a threat to civil society. at this time, david bowie was considered scary to parents. iggy may have been on smack, but it wasn’t a low point in iggy’s career to be on tom snyder. he was also on dinah shore, with bowie, in 1977. they were promoting his album “the idiot”, which is one of his best releases.

  24. PoorlyMadeFilms says:

    Two guys who are just SO real. I have so much respect for them both. I wish I’d been alive when Tom Snyder was on the air, I would’ve watched his show religiously. He truly wants to get into people’s minds. I love this interview and the one he did with the clash – he’s not trying to perpetuate the stereotypes their fans, detractors or even themselves have…He wants to break that stuff down and really understand and help his audience understand their motives.

  25. awsomo900 says:

    Why are you bleeding?
    cuz I’m on your show. XD

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