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Ida Lupino – Have Gun Will Travel (The Lady on the Wall)

Ida Lupino directs an episode of Have Gun Will Travel.

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21 Responses to “Ida Lupino – Have Gun Will Travel (The Lady on the Wall)”

  1. melollylolly says:

    i am still enjoying this sow on the western encore channel every weekday-i am dvr-ing every episode–but i am still collecting dvds on it too…

  2. EvelTwinOfSlogmaster says:

    The Eminem thing. Apparently Eminem is reputed to be up for a “modernized” take on Paladin. (Dear Lord, no!) I wouldn’t be a western, but an “urban” setting. (Dear Lord, no!!!) That being said, Richard Boone is the ONLY Paladin! If Eminem is smart enough to be a fan, good for him, but lightning NEVER strikes twice! Boone is Paladin and Paladin is Boone.

  3. moonchildiva says:

    i’ve been enjoying have gun will travel on encore every day lately – Paladin RULES.

  4. melollylolly says:

    to bullcur-hollywood has forgotten what a man is

  5. melollylolly says:

    it is nice that eminem owned many copies of have gun will travel; and that he admired this actor.

  6. melollylolly says:

    rest in peace; richard boone. It has been thirty years since you passed away. i believe you are up there in heaven; along with lee marvin; jimmy stewart–and you the navy ordinance man; lee marvin-semper fi–james stewart-military lieutenant and many of your contemporaries–up there–are needed to protect saint heaven’s gate. I am sure you guys will meet two of your latest arrivals-mr. karl marlden–a screen legend–and mr. edward woodard–an actor whom played a character on tv-much like yours.

  7. melollylolly says:

    it is said that boone recommended that ida lupino continue to work as a director in television-he admired her work

  8. bitterchew says:

    back in the old west the sound was always out of sync, they hadn’t perfected the audio in those days

  9. perlster says:

    What does Ginger have to do with HGWT?

  10. relapseking says:

    i think eminem will do a descent job but i dont see him doing this kind of movie…its wierd

  11. bullcur says:

    Richard Boone is a MAN,this eminem is a punk kid who couldn’t lick Boones boots,hollywood sure has a dim view of what a man is!

  12. tomcagney says:

    I think the guy in the middle at 20 died in Paladin 02 part three!! You think they would have recongnised each other…..

  13. columbusdinner says:

    Eminem is playing him in the re-make i cnt see Eminem doing a western lol

  14. fromthesidelines says:

    This episode first aired on February 20, 1960…

  15. takuhe156 says:

    that is not hank peterson, it’s ben affleck.

  16. nixthetiger says:

    Why are the soundtracks always out of sync on these things?

  17. monty56 says:

    thanks for paladin:)

  18. bearmerson says:

    i cant beliebe a new 1 is coming out wid eminem in lol

  19. fromthesidelines says:

    Hank Patterson also had a recurring role on “GUNSMOKE” at the same time. Richard Boone wanted Ida to direct several episodes of his series because he knew how professional she was (and possibly because they had similar personalities and attitudes towards the “business”).

  20. le238man says:

    Sure was! LOL

  21. DavidWhatsHisName says:

    Look! It’s “Fred Ziffel” from Green Acres (Hank Patterson) sitting at the bar, second from the right! Calling Arnold the Pig!

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