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I Think I Love You – Partridge Family

Taken from the initial and possibly greatest Tv sh… (more) Added: December 13, 2007Taken from the first and maybe greatest Television show to combine music with a scenario comedy about family life, here is 1 in a ser Taken from the initial and perhaps greatest Tv show to combine music with a scenario comedy about family life, here is 1 in a series of a lot of “re-edited” Partridge Family music videos – in STEREO and frequently with bonus footage from that episode. This is the song that started it all for me as a 5-year-old. Still my #1 favorite song of all-time
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “I Think I Love You – Partridge Family”

  1. writerspen010 says:

    I’m a teen, and I love this show and Cassidy’s music. The stuff out today is terrible D:

  2. acarnivorous says:

    Shelly Jones sounds like a man? I know the Cowcills would have done this one better!

  3. videovixen71 says:

    @forestgumpaed Days of Innocence, Incense and Peppermints.. I was around when the show was originally on, but didn’t watch it till it was in reruns..

  4. 331Grabber says:

    @MarkCox73 WTF? Really? That’s a huge leap of nonsense to come to the conclusion that women being treated equal leads to “families torn asunder”, more abortion and bastardy. One nice difference in this frightening new world is women don’t have to be prisoners in abusive relationships and have their own good jobs and careers. So now when men cheat on them or beat them they can leave and tear an abusive/lazy jerks family asunder. I guess you have to behave now. She doesn’t have take your crap.

  5. MarkCox73 says:

    look at what a success women lib has turned into! families torn asunder. rampant abortion. bastardy etc…. You got what you wanted and child support to boot!

  6. AltRage says:

    My Grandma bought me a Partridge Family record that I must have played 1000 times. I was heartbroken when I read the credits and realized the kids didn’t really play their instruments. Intro to the real world for a 10-year old.

  7. fashaseffy says:

    @forestgumpaed I LIKE

  8. nocknock57 says:

    Even back then I thought Ruben was creepy… But Susan Dey drove me nuts.

  9. Peoria3165 says:

    Come on, all you late 40 to mid 50 somethings…you know you used to love this tune! Still crushing on Shirley Jones!

  10. rickyq61 says:

    i was 10 yrs old…seems like yesterday.

  11. Reactiv12 says:

    God…pinch me….wake me up…..this was over forty years ago!!!!!

  12. joemichaels1 says:

    I would expect nothing more from a Stones fan. The Stones got all of their “ideas” from the Beatles. And, as far as I know, the Beatles never covered a Stones song. (Nor were given one to jump start their careers.) Go away, Stones fan. No one likes you.

  13. imaStonesFan says:

    @joemichaels1 Beatles suck

  14. joemichaels1 says:

    @00792756 How DARE you use “David Cassidy” and the “Beatles” in the same sentence! (I LOVE when he got fired by Donald Trump in Celebrity Apprentice.)

  15. joemichaels1 says:

    @00792756 How DARE you use “David Cassidy” and the “Beatles” in the same sentence!

  16. TheElderScrollsThief says:

    mmmmm, david cassidy……..much better than the osmonds

  17. Freyja1133 says:

    @forestgumpaed what about gigglesnort hotel.,Hr puffnstuff, fat albert etc?
    one can’t forget these shows!

  18. coolbear64 says:

    @forestgumpaed real tv back then now it’s just mush

  19. Smackdaddy9 says:

    @forestgumpaed No shit. I’m having a decent life and I still think those days were the last time I was really happy. Plus, don’t forget Batman. The first stiffy that I remember was due to Julie Newmar.

  20. thanksforthemessdick says:

    haaaa ruben kinkaid,(danny got ruben to sing our song and it really came together when mom sang along)

  21. CrazyforDonnyOsmond says:

    why the hell did they keep showing the audience instead of David Cassidy ? love this song though.

  22. Peppi94 says:

    I am now a ripe 52 years old — but there I was, a young, dreamy-eyed girl, who fell hard for David Cassidy – and still remembers every word of this song to this very day. Damn, David. You were gorgeous. You were my first puppy love.

  23. 00792756 says:

    David Cassidy is shit compared to the Beatles. He’s an arrogant jerk, who is full of himself, and thinks he’s still on top of the world, when really all along, he was just a teenage sensation. Nothing more.

  24. dexi39 says:

    Wow…hearing this takes me back to being 12 and so in love with David Cassidy and his TV family…we had a stereo in our finished basement and my mom listened to it while she did the ironing every morning…this song usually came on at the same time every morning, which was just the time I had to get up to get ready for school…she would blast this song and start my day off like this!!!

  25. lexiandeva says:

    I like this song

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