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I Really like Lucy: Ricky Spelling Lesson

The trouble with accents
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25 Responses to “I Really like Lucy: Ricky Spelling Lesson”

  1. Fade2BlackInDarkness says:

    I miss Tv show is like that.!!! Tv Nowadays sucks.!

  2. donna1175 says:

    I liked the one where he misspelled Knickerbocker

  3. mymyharlow says:

    I loved it when he would get pissed off and start going off in Spanish.

  4. rawritsjazzy says:

    i love lucy will never die.

  5. AxAznGuyTony26 says:

    I like the other one better where he spelled out some word and he said ” Sorry but I’m not sneezing”

  6. 72clw says:

    That was back in da day…. Never missed a show ( :

  7. Brysaengr says:


    Fuck yes!!!!!!

  8. WhoseLineCrazy says:


  9. faeriegeek says:

    @MeredithOD Actually there was a lot of concern before the show went on the air. The studio execs didn’t like that he was Cuban and said that America would believe them as a couple because of their cultural differences, but of course that became one of the big appeals of the show.

    But like angrydwarf said, he was lighter skinned so it wasn’t controversial. In the fifties there was basically two races, “white” or “black”. Most hispanics counted as white.

  10. angrydwarfofdoom says:

    @MeredithOD In all seriousness, I think it Ricky was too light, and because many people don’t see Hispanic/White as interracial…more intercultural. If Ricky didn’t open his mouth, you’d assume he was American.

    I know it doesn’t really make much sense…but there you go. And I say this as a white guy with a senorita of my own. :)

  11. jupiknight says:

    Augh, so hot~

  12. chilvari says:

    I love how TV and movies from this era could make you laugh, cry, or show some other kind of emotion effortlessly because the performances were effortless and tastefully done

  13. MeredithOD says:

    @num1Jaysta idk probably…and that’s why I’m surprised that they weren’t or aren’t often referred to in such a way…I never hear it mentioned. I hear ppl say that she was older than him…but never discussion on their race.

  14. num1Jaysta says:

    @MeredithOD They were the first on tv werent they?

  15. MeredithOD says:

    How come America didn’t really consider Lucy and Ricky an interracial couple?

  16. ilovetheochentas says:

    loooooove him so much!! te amo Rickyy!!!!!!!!!!

  17. nedfilms says:

    hi everybody!

  18. judynails7667 says:

    always makes me laugh

  19. 133Pau says:

    “Ricky Ricardo”
    “C As In Cuba!”
    Haaha LMAO

  20. xUSMCWiFEx says:


  21. Lindawatcher says:

    This was a great scene for sure, but the one after it was even beter…. The on where Ricky had sex with both Ethel and lucy and the neighbor lady all at the same time. Man, they don’t make tv shows like that ANYMORE!!!

  22. guitarfreak186 says:

    DR NICK from the simpsons is a bad imperonation of RICKY lol

  23. markadamsweb says:

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    Finally all episodes on website.

  24. LaurenB16 says:

    I love Ricky!

  25. AcidGuardianPT says:

    Hi everybody!
    Hi Dr. Nick!

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