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I Really like Lucy – Ricky has problems with English

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25 Responses to “I Really like Lucy – Ricky has problems with English”

  1. SuzyAngelica says:

    This is another excellent Desi moment.

  2. Dollmakergal says:

    “Well, I haven’t told you this before, dear, but you speak with a slight accent.”

  3. janehcro says:

    I loooove him.

  4. mannardme says:

    “As ushual, there’s no lojeecal ‘splination for doin’ it the way you’re doin’ it!” XD So funny!

  5. 0MindSwept0 says:

    …he spent all day cutting down boogus, from the trees. XD

  6. 0MindSwept0 says:

    @Pegbur its SPLAnation

  7. DJSexLeopard says:

    @easterner2008 This is the voice of Fred. KEEP IT DOWN YOU TWO!

  8. dayvs says:

    what’s with the twin beds instead of one king size bed or something??? they’re supposed to be married, aren’t they?

  9. snekkevik says:

    hello I am a ailien! I have studied your human laguange for 40 years! so sorry for my human english. I am from another galaxy called B3 its what we chosed to call it in human english! here on our planet everything is fine. we first found your transmitting of I love lucy 40 years ago into the space. we have now contacted your internett.. I want to speak to the humans king as fast as possible. I use another guys youtube account because I dident figurd out how to make our own! Greating from B3

  10. MsInchristalone says:

    “Hold it shakespear!”:D LOL

  11. rojocero says:

    Wanna see Lucy’s tits?

  12. angelz481 says:

    i love this show.!!

  13. ravikantn1 says:

    @bandet888 no its not, english does not have phonemic orthography (one to one correspondence between graphemes and phonemes) as in indic languages or even spanish and or wiki it –english spelling reform and phonemic orthography.

  14. DarkLordofHistory says:

    Total win at 2:34 XD

  15. degrassiluverx0x says:

    This is like the best episode of i love lucy ever!!!!:))))

  16. bandet888 says:

    Also i never realized how different words ending with the letters o u g h can sound so different in different rough, through, cough, etc…

  17. bandet888 says:

    The english language can be a tricky one to learn if you don’t know it already and even if you do it can still be tricky at times. I’m sure this is true in other languages too.

  18. tdickensheets says:

    We will miss her.

  19. mewpie85 says:

    “in Spanish, it sounds the same way.. no matter what you put it, it comes out the same way.” that’s sooo what HE said!

  20. toddcharry says:

    Great writing in that show, this classic scene proves how illogical English really is.
    “I learned to listen with an accent” LOL

  21. chaseb123able says:

    I love this show…..

  22. dragonfly9196 says:

    awww poor Ricky, the english language is confusing :)

  23. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    “Sister Cynthia is Simply Scintillating” LOL

  24. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  25. LLNWonderland says:

    @timeisthekiller Well I done heard the English language came from that funny little island way out there across the ocean, name a England. But maybe I was just bein tricked by a communist. It is a mystery. Guess we’ll never know for sure where the ENGLish language came from.

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