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I Really like Lucy: Fred and Ricky cook rice.

In the episode Job Switching, Fred and Ricky attempt to cook rice, and fail hilariously.

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11 Responses to “I Really like Lucy: Fred and Ricky cook rice.”

  1. zacefronswife100 says:

    Desi should’ve got credit. My mom said that some of the episodes were his ideas & he was the brains of I Love Lucy. Btw he was pretty hot.

  2. zacefronswife100 says:

    @Transformed58 besides some of the shows were his ideas & he helped produce the show

  3. Transformed58 says:

    Desi Arnaz never got credit…he had amazing comedic skills!

  4. GroverKent says:

    @kittystolemycookie94 His wedding day. Because people throw rice at weddings, and he’s often refered to his marriage to Ethel as a “tragedy”.

  5. kittystolemycookie94 says:

    @GroverKent I don’t understand the joke? Could you explain it please lol

  6. TommyBoy249r says:

    I love Fred’s 7 layer cake

  7. AbuBishir says:

    When he said ’1 pound per person’ I couldn’t help but laugh

  8. FatalNarutoxMio says:

    “IT’S LIKE A VOLCANO!!!!” XD rofl

  9. GroverKent says:

    When I was a kid, I didn’t get Fred’s “darkest day” joke, but when I got older, I got it, lol!

  10. Edgeofpeace says:

    I always thought that this part was funnier than the SPEED IT UP! scene… I wish you included the part with the ironing and starching the hose!

  11. mllesandymora says:

    That’s one of my very favorite Fred quotes!

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