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I Really like Lucy – Barbershop Quartet

From the I Really like Lucy show. Lucy tries in vain to sing with the gang, but the last laugh is on them.

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22 Responses to “I Really like Lucy – Barbershop Quartet”

  1. shermansdavis9 says:

    i just saw it this morning that was funny

  2. loveallbodies says:

    Ohh one if my favorite Lucy scenes!!!

  3. thejoser says:

    Nothing beats “Me dar-ling”

  4. johnnyw12 says:

    Barber shop with a Cuban Accent!!

  5. mallyrose87 says:

    @paradiseshow1988 So true! That is missing from today’s pop culture, as many young folks don’t know that far back at all.

  6. EmzeeLynn says:

    LOL her face when they’re all threatening her with the cream is classic. I love this episode.

  7. Jsusfrk20 says:

    Ha hAAAAAAAAAAAA that was good of Lucy in the end, she planned it just right! :D I love Lucy….AND THE WHOLE GANG!

  8. aznbabessz says:

    LOL @ the shaving cream! Cracks me up every time!

  9. paradiseshow1988 says:

    One of the many things I love about tv from the 50s & early 60s is the nostalgia they had for the earlier decades.

  10. pandemic7 says:

    classic, just found out we’re having a girl and we’re naming her Adaline

  11. amcfan100 says:

    I always wish they let Vivian sing that Indian song

  12. trppey66 says:

    Ethel and Fred both had good voices…they were vaudeville performers. Lucy was the only one of the four who had absolutely no talent.

  13. jezebel324 says:

    WOW did’t know ethel could sing like that, and this is SO FUNNY

  14. thelonelyslayer says:

    I used to love when they would do “old” song performances from the 10s, 20s, 30s. Of course, when i was younger i didn’t know they were “old”. I thought it was contemporary for them. haha.

  15. Yun351 says:

    used to watch this on nick at nite

  16. sugarlipz96 says:

    this clip is so funny! thanks for uploading!

  17. jsnbey says:

    I been looking for this clip! I remember crackin up as a kid over this part in the show. Grandma used to watch the reruns I wish more ppl from my age group would appreciate good clean comedy

  18. adcooper21 says:

    I do too!!! I’d be soo neat!

  19. watashiwa100 says:

    i wish i could go back in time too!

  20. caloscalante1518 says:

    I LOVE RICKY’S “IRISH” ACCENT LOL SO FUNNY for those four great entertainers i wish i could go back in time

  21. 4EverDarling says:

    I love it when Ricky, Ethel and Fred do their harmonizing…so beautiful. Then there’s Lucy lol.

  22. illnsp08 says:

    Thks for sharing a wonderful video of Lucy and her gang!!!

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