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“I Love Lucy” Theme Song (w/ Lyrics)

*Originally updated by me on my old channel – re-upload … From the episode “Lucy’s Last Birthday,” Ricky sings the often unknown lyrics to the “I Love Lucy” intro theme. Lyrics: I love Lucy and she loves me We’re as happy as two can be Sometimes we quarrel but then How we love making up again Lucy kisses like no one can She’s my missus and I’m her man And life is heaven you see ‘Cause I love Lucy Yes, I love Lucy And Lucy loves me
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25 Responses to ““I Love Lucy” Theme Song (w/ Lyrics)”

  1. jcfandago says:

    I’d love to see TV like this again. I love this show!!!

  2. fullhousefrek says:

    @TheMoviefan1996 no this is from season 2! it ran for 4 more seasons after ths episode! :)

  3. fullhousefrek says:

    @TheMoviefan1996 no this is from season 2! it ran for 4 more seasons! :)

  4. TheMoviefan1996 says:

    Is the last episode.

  5. TheMoviefan1996 says:

    Is this the

  6. alicebrown23 says:

    I finally found a website where I can watch all her episodes in full length.
    ILoveLucyEpisodes. ( c o m )

  7. TheArmo1 says:

    it puts a tear to my eyes everytime i see this :)

  8. judyrusso says:

    This was wonderful to see again. It showed us the meaning of love and friendship and connection which so many of us have lost today. People were so much happier in those days as there was that sense of community.

    Thanks for posting.

  9. steven1660 says:

    The Official Second Season Of “The Lucy Show,” Lucy’s second series is being released on DVD July 13, 2010! So everyone go out and buy it so that the third season is released quickly! It is in Color! and is hilarious, it also co-stars Vivian Vance(Ethel)!

  10. TheAngelmj15 says:

    ahhhhhh….hope someone would make a song for me,.,….well maybe in the future!!! desi is so romantic and they’re so sweet…..

  11. 5723maddy says:

    On my 20th anniversery my husband & I went to Vegas. I won $50.00 on a I LOVE LUCY slot machine. When it won, it started playin this song. :)

  12. maxpowers518 says:

    It’s a shame they divorced.

  13. john135246alias says:

    only episode where they sing the theme song

  14. LucyFan1001 says:

    @Caddichris Yeah. I know what you mean :)

  15. DannaRoseAguilar says:

    Caddichris thanks!

  16. Caddichris says:

    Hi DannaRose, I apologize, but I hit the wrong hand with the thumbs down and I tried to correct it. I don’t know if I did! I was very impressed by your web page what a beautiful tribute to the real women of yesterday!

  17. Caddichris says:

    Thank God for Lucy! She can sure take your mind off your troubles when watching her!

  18. DannaRoseAguilar says:

    that’s cute :) I love LUCY!

  19. adrianlindsaylohan says:

    love this song it is soooo catchy, my favorite episode was the black eye

  20. scottfwtx says:

    OK thanks for clairfying

  21. prckay says:

    i know it lucille and erayl i meant to spell Early

  22. scottfwtx says:

    it’s “Lucille” ane what is “eray”?

  23. louielabelle says:

    98, actually.

  24. prckay says:

    luclle ball would be in here erayl 90s this year

  25. Rattapax says:


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