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“I Love Lucy” Theme Song (w/ Lyrics)

*Originally updated by me on my old channel – re-upload … From the episode “Lucy’s Final Birthday,” Ricky sings the typically unknown lyrics to the “I Really like Lucy” intro theme. Lyrics: I enjoy Lucy and she loves me We’re as pleased as two can be At times we quarrel but then How we love generating up again Lucy kisses like no 1 can She’s my missus and I’m her man And life is heaven you see ‘Cause I love Lucy Yes, I adore Lucy And Lucy loves me
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25 Responses to ““I Love Lucy” Theme Song (w/ Lyrics)”

  1. andrew930 says:

    It’s amazing to me! Lucy and Desi’s love for each other pops, BOOM! right through the television screen. I know they had difficulties in the marriage but WOW, look at Lucille Ball as Desi sings to her! She is NOT acting. Here’s a woman so in love and a man that adores her. This scene touches the heart; it can’t help but make me cry. What an incredible gift these people gave to the world!

  2. samramirez12 says:

    Lucy and Desi/ Lucy and Ricky are my dream cupple if only one day I could have a relationship like theirs!!!! RIP!!! They will NEVER be forgottten!!

  3. dsneybuf says:

    @TheDingBat47 If you don’t mind, I’ll let everyone here know: the Queen of Comedy turns 100 on August 6!

  4. TheDingBat47 says:

    @dsneybuf when is her 100th birthday. plz pm me and tell me. :)

  5. dsneybuf says:

    I hope I don’t forget to watch this episode on Lucy’s 100th birthday.

  6. kduideo says:

    PLEASE listen to the HERE’S LUCY theme….This is the SAME song…DIFFERENT ARRANGEMENT. Season 4-5 sets it BETTER.

  7. Aeileo says:

    @darinsgirl86 “His remaining speech that he wrote prior to his death quoted to Lucille Ball, ‘I Love Lucy’ was never just a title’. “

  8. Aeileo says:

    TV sucks nowadays with stupid reality shows

  9. meganXamyXtinaX4ever says:

    We love you, Lucy. There’ll never be another like you. You are missed.

  10. APRIL62318 says:

    they were in love till the day they died i like to believe they are in heaven right now reunited!

  11. jennyannd says:

    I love this episode so much. Makes me wanna cry. I love the song and how Desi sings it to her. I really admire their love. They were a one of a kind couple. I will always remember them together loving each other, like in this episode.

  12. thecopykidofthestarz says:

    Since I first saw this show. The Ricardo’s and The Merts’s became the best friends family ever!

  13. MusicIsMyBeing says:

    im gonna cry!

  14. darinsgirl86 says:

    desi never stopped loving lucy even after they were divorced.

  15. yeaboikat says:

    cutest lyrics to a theme song!

  16. thecopykidofthestarz says:

    @ChristophePhilippe it doesn’t I would give anything to be in this scene all these people but several differences aside.especially racial differences. makes me proud. =) I love Lucy!

  17. 98bigbutt says:

    @armandomayen,Hells Yeah!

  18. ChristophePhilippe says:

    How does television get better?

  19. loekiedepo says:

    Haha, my girlfriend is named Lucy, and when I sing this for her, she always starts kissing me cuz I sing false :’)

  20. armandomayen says:

    My favorite show of all time!!!

  21. music4me9613 says:

    This scene always makes me cry. I really do think that they had a wonderful marriage. Ughhh they’re the perfect, sweet, couple.

  22. lilzander84 says:

    i love this show when it was on tv land. Tv land and nick at nite need to bring back i love lucy maybe in hd/ color.


    @fullhousefrek 6 seasons in total for the half hour shows. Then there are the 13 Lucy-Desi comedy hours for seasons 7, 8 and 9.

  24. jcfandago says:

    I’d love to see TV like this again. I love this show!!!

  25. fullhousefrek says:

    @TheMoviefan1996 no this is from season 2! it ran for 4 more seasons after ths episode! :)

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