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I Love Lucy Theme song

Here is Desi Arnaz singing ‘I Really like Lucy”. I located it on Google, so I thought it’d be cute to share to everybody. :-)

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy Theme song”

  1. evagomez123 says:

    como me encanta este show. thank u for sharing this video . i really love lucy and Desi

  2. lovevic52 says:

    I still love this movie!

  3. 325Sharona says:

    I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of 0:38

  4. ImbecilicMoron says:

    oh, thats so sad. but wonderful

  5. DaddyClb says:

    I have this on an old & beat-up 78rpm record, but this sounds fabulous!!!!!
    Great post…thanx for sharing!

  6. MissLizaMay says:

    I love Lucy, and she loves me
    We’re as happy as two can be
    We have our quarrels but then,
    How we love making up again
    Lucy kisses like no one can,
    She’s my missus and I’m her man
    And life is heaven you see,
    ‘Cause I love Lucy, yes,
    I love Lucy, and Lucy loves me!

  7. DaisyBoo216 says:

    I used to watch I Love Lucy as a kid in the 70′s. As an adult I was home ill for 3 months and I was able to watch I Love Lucy every day. I really love that show. The humor was just great! RIP Lucy and Desi.

  8. alexandshady says:

    i love them so much.

  9. dianamaryflorence says:

    Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball were best friends. Lucille would send Carol flowers on Carol’s birthday every year. Lucille died on Carol’s birthday, but Carol got the flowers for the last time that year. Lucille was a fantastic woman and her comedic shows will live on forever. Rest your soul Lucille.

  10. Jaxgirl44 says:

    I love Lucy and I love u tooo

  11. Jaxgirl44 says:

    I love Lucy and I love you tooooo xx

  12. dementi3000 says:

    im 20 yrs old and i looooove lucy when i got to know about her videos omg i fall in love with her movies

  13. TheMRSHAHA says:

    can someone tell me the lyrics please?

  14. khtx says:

    I´d love to have a big poster of 0:26 in my livingroom…

  15. stevecurwin says:

    I Love Love Lucy and i’m 20

    i wished they sued hsi voice inteh Opening Credits

  16. muffinsrock54 says:

    This is so touching :)
    Their love was the sweeetest.
    R.I.P. Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

  17. stevecurwin says:

    I Love Lucy has never left the Airways since it Premiered

    and still remains the Highest Re runed Show Today

  18. CTcast says:

    i wish i knew lucy and the crew.

  19. fishengrl58 says:

    i love the show. i watch it all the time.

  20. 3irock1011 says:

    Me too! But at least we still have her amazing movies and shows.

  21. maria3845 says:

    I love lucy and desi(ricky). I don’t get tired of watching the re-runs.

  22. tatumusicvideo says:

    amazing thanks so much!!! I miss Lucy!!!!!

  23. spogee says:

    I love it. Best theme song ever created!

  24. will244 says:

    i love this show

  25. imthekingoftheworld says:

    TV will never be the same.

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