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I Love Lucy – The Gossip

The scene where Ricky talks in his sleep in the famous episode, “The Gossip.”
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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – The Gossip”

  1. rtususian says:

    I believe sometimes it depended on the situation whether Lucy and Ricky had a single or a twin bed setup. A twin bed here wouldn’t work cause Ricky has to nudge Lucy when he is trying to wake her up.

  2. tracytcb111111111111 says:

    @BarrettTV i was thinking the same thing no single bed for lucy

  3. tracytcb111111111111 says:

    wow there shareing the same bed every outher show ive seen even if they were married they has 2 singles beds next to each outher i just love this show

  4. wiccanlove1 says:

    “That’s right. Sleep, you big ox.” LOVE IT!

  5. LoveBeingAwoman says:

    “Sleep well little husband” hahahahhaha!!!!!

  6. Mjlovelives4ever says:

    *Cuban Accent* (snore) “That is all”

  7. StillOBSESSED says:

    LOL! “That is all” Turns around to sleep.

  8. BarrettTV says:

    im shocked their beds are together

  9. rancid1881 says:

    this is funny

  10. montanerfan10 says:

    This just gave me a great idea! Wouldn’t it be funny if I sent everyone I know an e-mail that says: Grace Foster is running away with the mik man and her husband doesn’t suspect anything?

  11. eleanorayoulateagain says:

    Oh how I LOVE this episode!!

  12. caloscalante1518 says:

    They are Gospin’!!

  13. DBCCpm says:

    “Grace Foster y el lechero se van a salir juntos y no van a volver aqui-”
    “In English, in English!”

  14. markadamsweb says:

    I Love Lucy is one of the best TV shows ever and finally I found a site where I can watch all her episodes for FREE. ILoveLucyEpisodes . [ com ]

  15. katerolove says:

    that is all!!!! best part ever!

  16. spoiledbutterfly101 says:

    i love i love lucy… i have been watching it since i was a little girl… my husband buys me any type of i love lucy movie when he sees them.. even though they are no longer with us there spirit will never die… we love u lucy and ricky

  17. UofLCardFan08 says:


    That’s brilliant. X-D I need to do that.

  18. Pegbur says:

    Grace Foster. Grace Foster is running away. Grace Foster is running away with…lol!

  19. avatarzurc says:

    man that was so funny!

  20. misswings83 says:

    That is all! wahahaha XD

  21. brightmeadow1375 says:

    I love lucy’s hairdo. Just like a poodle.

  22. marrylu says:

    i love when he says it in Spanish

  23. marrylu says:


  24. lancetop says:

    Grace Foster! and the milkman! lol

  25. singmydeath says:

    she looks so cute with her hair like that

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