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I Love Lucy “The Fur Coat”

In this clip, from “The Fur Coat” ( Season 1, Episode 10, aired 12/10/1951), Ricky returns home with a 00 mink coat that he has rented for an act at the club. Lucy immediately jumps to the conclusion that it’s her anniversary present. Lucy is so delighted with her “present” that she eats, sleeps, and even does the dishes wearing the mink. Ricky decides to get the coat back by having Fred dress up as a thief and “steal” it, but before he does, a REAL burglar almost makes off with the coat! When Lucy learns from Ethel of his plan, she decides to teach her hubby a lesson. Buying a cheap imitation mink, she decides to “restyle” it (with a pair of scissors) in full view of Ricky.

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19 Responses to “I Love Lucy “The Fur Coat””

  1. boomcc1 says:

    @wendywonderland18 pure classic a bag of weed and peanut butter and jelly hahahhahahahahhahahahah ull be rofl

  2. wendywonderland18 says:

    omg! thats so true! i never noticed!

  3. onthesetflickr says:

    For a look at a color model of the I Love Lucy set, Google “I Love Lucy Charles Brogdon” and hit the I’m feeling Lucky button.

  4. Tiffanynicolina says:

    some trivia

    at 0:36 Ricky says “ill get her a couple of minks and let her raise her own coat” the word coat was dubbed in……you can actually see him mouth the word “fur”

  5. whatuswattingat says:

    @MissKelly518 LOL! LOL!

  6. defundthewar says:

    I’ve always found Desi funnier than Lucy, and Abbott funnier than Costello. Desi really gets a chance to shine here, he’s outrageously funny. It doesn’t even matter that nothing makes sense here… if he wanted to stop Lucy from cutting the coat, he could have, instead of going nuts. Speaking of nothing making sense, Fred’s looking pretty dapper in suit and tie.

  7. funkeekatt says:

    @JoeB0y16 They obviously didn’t extend the set out far enough for the camera shot. I’ve seen worse on sitcoms.

  8. showroommeryll says:

    ahah he reacts as the coat still was alive

  9. skizzle94 says:

    mink coats are so nice!!

  10. JoeB0y16 says:

    1:53-1:54 What the heck??????!!!!!!!!!! The carpet became cement on the bottom left hand corner!!!!!!

  11. fashionqueen622 says:

    do u have part 1?

  12. sugarlipz96 says:

    omg poor ricky!!

  13. MissKelly518 says:

    And “What are you cutting? What are YOU CUTTING?!?!”

  14. CuldeeFellRailway1 says:


  15. Mssoldiergirl1 says:

    I love when Ricky says “Don cut it no more”

  16. rippingtons60 says:

    It was good but too quick, she should have done it slowly cutting little pieces at at a time, Thats what I would have done.

  17. MariaPereyra says:

    At least he had the cutoff mink to break the fall!

  18. chalastay51 says:

    Haha, we women must stick together. never let the men win. Good old Lucy.

  19. 4EverDarling says:

    That fall looked like it hurt! Poor Ricky!

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