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I Love Lucy – Staten Island Ferry 1/3

Requested by KratostheThird. To see if seasick pills will work well enough to let Fred board the ocean liner to Europe, Lucy takes Fred on the Staten Island Ferry. Production: #139 Original Air Date: 1-2-56

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20 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Staten Island Ferry 1/3”

  1. xoxsairaxox says:

    i just love the 50s dresses

  2. ominousyoshi says:

    can you still travel to europe by boat?

  3. MajCinematic says:

    One of the best episodes!!!

  4. PatrickLHawkins says:

    @y3llowdays Ethel has a dress she wears in an episode (maybe more then one) And I could swear Marilyn Monroe wore the exact same dress when she met with the press in Japan while honeymooning with Joe Dimaggio

  5. sexydiva83 says:

    One of the best! True classic. :)

  6. store275 says:

    Why did people have to get overseas shots when they would go to Europe back then?

  7. Dansback21 says:

    I love Fred at 4:00 “I look like a fist with eyes!” LMFAO!!!!

  8. Kay2be2M says:

    no matter how many times I try I just can’t seem to do that thing Lucy does with her mouth at 4:53

  9. BBknickers says:

    So I see people always hated their official photos!

  10. myluckyday20 says:

    its funny that lucy says shes gonna leave the baby in nursery school all day. there was one episode where she refused to take him there. but thats life i guess

  11. FerraTiKarynaNeil says:

    “What have you got to lose?”
    “Don’t ask me that right now.”


  12. mintchocolate2791 says:

    GOD !!! I AM Obsessed with i love lucy my all-time favorite show!!!

  13. 04279 says:

    I mean how William Frawley speaks german, I forgot ;-)

  14. 04279 says:

    It’s funny how speaks german: “Geben Sie mir ein Steinweizenbeuler”, or something, perhaps a sort of beer.
    Maybe, he wanted to say “Geben Sie mir ein Glas Weizenbier” (a glass wheat beer).
    Another funny quote: I still wish, there would be a way to get to Europe by bus.

  15. Ari721 says:

    Ethel said, “I’ll make you land sick” So funny!

  16. Juliaflo says:

    Seasick=Mal de mer.

  17. HPLuverfan4ever says:

    “Ricky? Oh, he’s learning how to speak English.”

  18. y3llowdays says:

    fred : i look like a fist with eyes!! bahahahahahaha

    ps ethel;s waist looks amazing in that dress!

  19. youaremin3 says:

    alright wait till the boat leaves lmao!

  20. DunhillHilton says:

    The best. Thank you.

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