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I Love Lucy – Ricky’s English and Lucy’s ‘uggh’

a montage of ‘I Love Lucy’ clips featuring Lucy mocking Ricky’s ‘command of the English language’ and her classic ‘uggh’ when ‘things go wrong’ :)
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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Ricky’s English and Lucy’s ‘uggh’”

  1. matchgamefan1 says:

    you fogot about the one when she takes the tv apart

  2. TheSaciarestalocura says:

    LOL..Great job!! Thank you very much!!

  3. monthesrealisation says:

    @nissanaltima17 Lucy and the Loving Cup….or something of that sort

  4. LovinxoxoLife says:

    Hahaha ohhh I Love this! <3333333333333

  5. Liebling05 says:

    This woman was the embodiment of magic. Love her.

  6. nissanaltima17 says:

    What episode is at 1:00?

  7. AxeGrrrl says:

    @mstanley1492 I believe 0:21-0:27 is from an episode called “LUCY WANTS TO MOVE TO THE COUNTRY” (#167) from 1957.

  8. mstanley1492 says:

    What episode is 0:21-0:27?

  9. AxeGrrrl says:

    @lourdesjulianna the episode with Lucy dressed up like Carmen Miranda is from 1951, called ‘Be A Pal’ I do believe :)

  10. lourdesjulianna says:

    which one is the one that lucy is dressed as carmen miranda

  11. moviechick9620 says:

    hahah absolutely LOVE this!!!! <3 <3 <3

  12. moviechick9620 says:

    @LittlegirlDeath13 MEEEE 2!!!!hahhah

  13. schieese says:

    The engligh is a hard language. He is cute. hehe

  14. PrincessKrissi1 says:

    Also maybe you know it– The episode where Lucy and Ricky have to enter their apartment on a slide because lucy has so much stuff in it. I love that one but i can never remember what the title is.

  15. PrincessKrissi1 says:


  16. AxeGrrrl says:

    It’s from an episode called “Lucy hates to leave” (SE 6 Ep 16)….one of the episodes centering around the Ricardos moving to the country ~ I just found the whole episode doing a search here on youtube :)

  17. PrincessKrissi1 says:

    what episode is at 3:13? please and thank you =)

  18. LittlegirlDeath13 says:

    man i love this show my parents r starting 2 get annoyed cuz i watch it all the time biut its a classic

  19. artemkamajesty says:

    my favorite is about tutle in that thin)))

  20. artemkamajesty says:

    thank you for this video, it’s amazing!!!

  21. MILEYxoxFAN says:

    “cause youve been promisinging me a spread in half beat? magazine since last fabreary, splain that if you can” LLLMFFFFFAAAOO, HILARIOUS!!

  22. highmelanie says:

    thankx Nolan…I am all SMILES! mel

  23. vampirebaseball101 says:


  24. Makotoichio says:

    I used to love this show :D Thanks for posting this. The uggghs were so funny.

  25. Encaimond says:

    Lol, that’s ugly, but so Lucism :)

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