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I Love Lucy – Ricky translates for Lucy

ep. 1×28 – Cuban Pals . I love the mistake that Desi made :o )
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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Ricky translates for Lucy”

  1. efaith90 says:

    “l’chaim”? haha!

  2. faeriegeek says:

    Cuba and her hair are the same color. Hey, now. Hehe.

  3. wiccanlove1 says:

    ‘My hair suffered in the translation.’ Hahahahaaha!!!

  4. Mushiczka says:

    @Xwithxthexlightsxout “La chaim” – it’s a hebrew toast, that means “to life”

  5. Xwithxthexlightsxout says:

    What does Lucy say at 1:00 when she makes a toast? I’ve never heard that word before.

  6. music4me9613 says:

    That’s the CUTEST THING!!!!!! <3

  7. marrakinz says:

    L’CHIAM!!! Lucille Ball is amazing!

  8. LovinxoxoLife says:

    This is how TV should be! This type of comedy! Where they keep the bloopers in the show without re-shooting the scene! :) I wish I Love Lucy went on forever! :( <333

  9. LovinxoxoLife says:

    Honestly! That mistake was really cute! :P :D <333

  10. rickyfan3956 says:

    What episode was this one?

  11. rickyfan3956 says:

    @BestFlushedAwayfan He was talking about how the waves got bigger and bigger on their boat trip and how he and his wife got sicker and sicker. He used the word “mareado” which means “dizzy/seasick”.

  12. rickyfan3956 says:

    @HQ710 It might be that he was making a political statement, as Cuba was starting to lean a bit communist at that that time. communist=red. Understand?

  13. ak91182 says:

    Isn’t Carlos also the French server who teaches both Lucy and Ethel “La plume est sur la table…” ?? Very talented actors these guys!

  14. rafaelsot01 says:

    Hahahaha el drinko??? Hahahahaha… I love this woman! xD

  15. GoOnZzyY says:

    Que dulces por Dios !!! How sweet my Gosh !!!

  16. BestFlushedAwayfan says:

    what did the guy say before Lucy said “Nevermind, I know spanish better than I thought” ? What did that mean?

  17. eocarcharia says:

    @Jsusfrk20 They didn’t need a blooper reel – they kept all the mistakes in the show! It was one of the things that Desi insisted on, to make the people watching it on TV feel like they were watching it live along with the studio audience.

    Look out for the one where Lucy and Ricky try to break their lease, and both get the giggles during one of their confrontations between Fred and Ethel. :D

  18. ScarletxCrimson says:

    Henna rinse is a natural way to turn ones hair red.

  19. Mushiczka says:

    @nodeue gracias :o )

  20. nodeue says:

    @Mushiczka “el color de pelo de ella es el mismo que el color del pelo en Cuba, ¿tú comprendes? luego que ella se lo conserva de esa manera con una henna rinse”

  21. Jsusfrk20 says:

    So wish they had a blooper reel like that, that was a beauty! :D

  22. Cher298262 says:

    what’s “henna rinse”

  23. PokieAndMoss says:

    Eh… L’chyiam! lol

  24. HPLuverfan4ever says:

    was ricky supposed to make that mistake where he spoke english when he was supposed to speak Spanish?

  25. misswings83 says:

    Henna rinse ROFL This is so hilarious! Love them ♥

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