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I Love Lucy: Ricky Spelling Lesson

The trouble with accents

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy: Ricky Spelling Lesson”

  1. Lindawatcher says:

    This was a great scene for sure, but the one after it was even beter…. The on where Ricky had sex with both Ethel and lucy and the neighbor lady all at the same time. Man, they don’t make tv shows like that ANYMORE!!!

  2. guitarfreak186 says:

    DR NICK from the simpsons is a bad imperonation of RICKY lol

  3. markadamsweb says:

    I just watched the episode “Ricky Spelling Lesson” and many others at : ILoveLucyEpisodes. [com]

    Finally all episodes on website.

  4. LaurenB16 says:

    I love Ricky!

  5. AcidGuardianPT says:

    Hi everybody!
    Hi Dr. Nick!

  6. animationeer says:

    back when TV had class…

  7. TheSumo390 says:

    Classic TV. Never again :(

  8. lisababy85 says:

    @MadsNoble so do I. I like when he spells psychiatrist it’s a fizikeeatrist

  9. mragbangles says:

    desi arnaz was so good looking and lucille ball was so pretty… they were both such amazing talents

  10. wickedawesome2468 says:

    haha… glow worm

  11. moviechick9620 says:

    hahaha thats as funny as “you dunt?” from FOREVER,DARLING

  12. AnnieLuvsChocolate says:

    this show is awsome! wish T.V was still like this

  13. MATTMIXERMAN says:


  14. marrylu says:

    im with you. i love those shows

  15. MoeRanda12 says:

    yes, aha veryy much.
    he’s from cuba,

  16. OldHollywood93 says:

    For some reason I starting laughing as soon as Lucy walked in with the saxophone and I don’t even know happened

  17. ShamiraTaquila says:

    Is he actually Latino? :S

  18. nerdgant says:

    she couldn’t play that sax except for one song (glow worm) and it didn’t sound that good anyway……this show is timeless classic. :D

  19. KaeseyAndo says:

    i saw this.everyday i come home and i watch the show, then my other favorite the golden girls comes on right after it on hallmart.

  20. MadsNoble says:

    I LOVE his accent!!

  21. HOLYpinkGRASSHOPPER says:

    she plays “Glow Worm” with it..and not very well lol

  22. blowtorchacurlyfry1 says:

    i really want to see what she does with that saxophone lol

  23. homemadeteddy says:

    I love when tv was cute!

  24. alexandshady says:

    Yea Us Cubans Can Really Make Someone Fall In Love. Alex’s Mom Said
    “All The Cubans Are Cheaters, But All Of Them Are Easy On They Eyes”, And Then I Started To Laugh.

  25. JTwitchyLe says:

    i thought this spose to be someone preaching racism and how americans are messed up. and i was ready to be angry

    but i read this and it is SO DAMN CUTE

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