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I Love Lucy – Ricky Ricardo – I Get Ideas

Ricky sings I Get Ideas, but I’ve edited out Lucy’s interruptions (her swooning). I couldn’t find it on Youtube, so I decided to do this. This is from the episode Lucy pretends to be a Maharincess of Franistan to get Rick some publicity (Season 1, Episode 31).

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13 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Ricky Ricardo – I Get Ideas”

  1. maniandpink says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!!!! Absolutely LOVE this song, and as funny as the fainting is, I love Ricky’s voice.

  2. alexandshady says:

    Me Too

  3. alexandshady says:

    idk That’s What I Was Looking For If You Find Tell Me.

  4. cagney24 says:

    The young Louis Armstrong did a great version of this, too.

  5. simplyEtalkinglimits says:

    you can’t get it on itunes or limewire:( or anywhere else really…he didn’t have it on any of the stuff he did. I guess he only did it on here.. BUUUUT… what I DID so i DO have this version is i got my webcam (it has speakers) and i went to the program on the start button for recording and i used it to record this song.. using the webcam. so now i have the Desi Version recorded and onto my ipod. just an idea on recording songs on here that are rare or they were never released.

  6. flipjared says:

    Where can i get Desi version of this song?

  7. KremlinH says:

    Yep. I don’t like other versions of this song, just his.

  8. beeje says:

    I like the way Desi sings this song!

  9. KremlinH says:

    Oh, just search on Youtube for “Maharincess”.

  10. Code2Quest says:

    is there any way you can add another one with the swooning pls =)

  11. itb1023 says:

    you should get up lucy’s version of this song if you have it…i remember it to be very funny as well lol

  12. KremlinH says:

    I know, but I wanted to listen to the song in whole by Ricky, and only other versions of the song were available, sung by other people.

  13. itb1023 says:

    aww…the swooning was the best parts lol

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