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I Love Lucy – Lucy Learns to Drive Part 1

Lucy Learns to Drive Part 1/3…here’s the other two!

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Lucy Learns to Drive Part 1”

  1. triceatl67 says:

    it’s actually very popular…i had never heard of it either but after it was offered to me several people actually said they eat it that way

  2. dhucke4assembly says:

    @missawesomex10 $3206.04

  3. WallabyKangaroo says:


  4. ClassicsWEREandARE says:

    who eats apple pie and cheese?

  5. sanyzey14 says:

    she is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. filmclassics1 says:

    @smittenkitten12 I upload now to my website, you might want to have a look :)

    filmclassics . byethost18 . com/?page_id=18

    Take care,

  7. smittenkitten12 says:

    this show is absolutely hilarious. do you know anywhere else you can watch it? i want to see every episode.

  8. quillie760 says:

    thank u so much for the uploads! ive been a lucy fan ever since i was little! im a collector too! wtaching her shows makes me feel better whenever im down. so thanks a lot!!!!

  9. PixelatedParfait says:

    xD “i’ll tich you.”

  10. blackcobra09 says:

    i LOVE this show! It never gets old watching it. They need to put this classic show back on television. i could watch this allll the time lol

  11. celticsbunny says:

    Wow, this got over 135,000 views! This is really a great episode!

  12. heelsoverhead1111 says:

    I love Lucy!!!! And desi is kind of gorgeous :)

  13. petmummy3 says:

    queen of comedy.

  14. buttercremehonda says:

    check out Ricky’s sweet new ride…wonder what’s gonna happen to it later on. LUUUCYYYYYYYY!

  15. teamedward0810 says:

    Respond to this video…
    lucy episodes never get old i can watch them over and over

  16. teamedward0810 says:

    i love every episode of i love lucy.she is my hero she is the funniest lady around

  17. missawesomex10 says:

    how much is $400 today?

  18. onthesetflickr says:

    For a look at a color model of the I Love Lucy set, Google “I Love Lucy Charles Brogdon” and hit the I’m feeling Lucky button.

  19. OrganguyTim says:

    what is the title of the episode before this one?

  20. celticsbunny says:

    I wish someone who owned the whole series would make a whole channel that had every Lucy episode. Kind of like crywishes channel is with the TV show The Nanny.

  21. moonpigificationful says:

    i can say this as i am one… Women, get back in your place!!!

  22. kingmaxim187 says:

    i hate lucy – shes a bitch

  23. claudiaiveth1 says:

    I love this so much….

  24. msBLUEblood555 says:

    This is to funny!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  25. vedezevalecblaz says:

    i love lucy:)

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