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I Love Lucy – Lucy Has a Baby

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Lucy Has a Baby”

  1. rosanne2288 says:

    lmao!! i looooooove “i love lucy” and im only 22!!

  2. caseylarwood says:

    Oh goodness, maternity smocks were….so….
    just glad they’ve evolved

  3. alicebrown23 says:

    I finally found a website where I can watch all her episodes in full length for free.
    ILoveLucyEpisodes. [ c o m ]

  4. Hotice770 says:

    Best part 1:13 “Go get a cab! GO GET A CAB!!!” LMAO!!

  5. Pinkynose499 says:

    (“) (“)

  6. Pinkynose499 says:


  7. papermermaid says:

    This is a historic moment in TV history; the first recorded epic fail…

  8. HHSStudent1992 says:

    Remember we shoud do this calmly, then lucy comes out oh yeah their very calm running around crazy. haha. lol.

  9. stacimarshall88 says:

    Fav video

  10. tabbycatladybug says:

    Gotta love her

  11. CasteloserROX101 says:

    “wait for me…”

    I think my gut just busted…

  12. iheartmichaeljackson says:

    That’s my favorite part! Hehe, I love his accent.

  13. ILOVEWEBKINZ80 says:

    Lol,Ricy’s face at 1:51

  14. daretodream1988 says:

    lol @ ethel, this it it! I think shes the one who started it. Reminds me when my friend went into labor, it was almost exactly like this, only it turned out to be braxton hix, lol.

  15. whatitbelikeman says:

    best episode ever…LMFAO

  16. Liebling05 says:


    poor Lucy! <3

  17. rhs6520 says:

    i love lucy was the best

  18. lablover959 says:

    Could you upload when the baby was being born?

  19. BeyonceCheetahGirls says:

    i LOVE it! its too funny! i love that the audience is going crazy with laughter too!

  20. montrealNH says:

    Lucy this is not the time to play games!! HAHAHA another good line!

  21. luvalwaysme925 says:

    lmao! i love those guys!

  22. terripbg says:

    This was really funny, ahah a hey all paniked!!

  23. 26mae1987 says:

    omg the best ‘the time has come’ bless omg tooooooo funny i love lucy x

  24. jjsgirlg says:

    I love how they are all yelling at each other: “Go get a cab!” LMAO

  25. 4EverDarling says:

    They left out Ethel’s great line “The line’s busy!” LOL Classic!

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