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I love Lucy – “Little Ricky Learns to Play theDrum” – Breakfast

Lucy has rhythm!

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11 Responses to “I love Lucy – “Little Ricky Learns to Play theDrum” – Breakfast”

  1. suzycreamcheesez says:

    @gregoryagogo yeah, that’s just me!

  2. gregoryagogo says:

    @suzycreamcheesez OMG! You notice junk like that too? I’ve devoted a facebook page to Three’s Company, and I’ve got a couple of albums dedicated to the furniture moving around and the plants changing from episode to episode… a little obsession of mine.

  3. suzycreamcheesez says:

    sometimes the kitchen has the table across it, sometimes it doesnt. this time it doesnt.

  4. mseti1 says:

    One of my favorite episodes !!! So original !!

  5. szqsk8 says:

    Two, two …..two, two, two

  6. UofLCardFan08 says:


    Haha, nice. X-D

  7. rockerseven says:

    to this day, i still sometimes do that same rhytm when cooking breakfast lol

  8. MyGodForgives says:

    Haha, thanks for sharing! I love those eps!! ;)

  9. gregoryagogo says:

    This is one of those scenes that I always think of when I remember the “I Love Lucy” show… It came on XETV here in San Diego every day at around noon throughout my whole childhood and remember watching many episodes like this one!

    The other two that are absolute faves is of coarse the chicken episode, but also the one after it where Lucy does a tango with Ricky with a blouse and pants filled with eggs.

    Then any episode where she vamped it up is always a memorable experience!!

  10. MyGodForgives says:

    Hahahaha! :D

  11. illnsp08 says:

    Thks for posting this! I’ve wanted to watch it.

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