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I Love Lucy “Fred and Ethel Fight”

In this clip, from “Fred and Ethel Fight” (Season 1, Episode 22, aired 3/10/1952), to garner sympathy from Ricky, Lucy wears fake bandages and casts from head to toe to make it look like a bus hit and dragged her. The plan backfires though when Ricky and Fred come in with a fan, smoking pot, and a toy that sounds like a siren.

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy “Fred and Ethel Fight””

  1. phalgunidave99 says:


  2. iGinaChristina says:


  3. swa998 says:

    LOV U LUCY…….

  4. MandyBooVLDarkMoon says:

    hahahaha too funnie

  5. ovibbfh says:

    Dear Lucy i love you i do i do!

  6. texasguy10209 says:

    Happy 100th Birthday Lucy we will always Love you!!! This is so funny!!!!!!

  7. GregMansfieldvideos says:

    Today is Friday, August 6, 2011, which is the 100th anniversary of Lucille Désirée Ball’s birthday.

    Born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York (a city mentioned a couple times in the 1950s series of “I Love Lucy”), the beloved Lucille Ball was the queen of television comedy most recognized for her role as Lucy Ricardo. As we enjoy these episode clips of her most famed television program, lets all say, especially today on the 100th birthday anniversary….Happy birthday Lucy!!

  8. TheAngienorton01 says:

    Happy Birthday. I will always Love You. There will never be another like you.

  9. Iamalwayswinning says:

    lol at 2:53 she looks like a giant pin cushion lol i love i love lucy

  10. ArianaGinspiration says:

    @theDariah4 well polish ripped this one off cuz usa created i love lucy. So go suck it faggot fucker

  11. shakenednostir says:

    In today’s world that hall would have definitely had a smoke alarm.

  12. CaptainSyndrome says:

    if i lived back in the 1950th i would have married lucille ball. and i am 21 years old COOL HUH!!!

  13. PropellerYoshi1808 says:

    3:15 gets me every time

  14. rebekahcraven87 says:

    Lord Jesus Christ still loves and saves from sins. God bless Israel. )

  15. TheDariah4 says:

    Polish version is better than this.

  16. TheDariah4 says:

    Polish version is better than this.

  17. TheDariah4 says:

    polska wersja lepsza.

  18. exit30sc says:

    How can you possibly pick a Lucy favorite…they are all great…but, when she saves the hair dye…the henna rinse…That gets me everytime! It’s hysterical!!!

  19. chilvari says:

    hahaha! I love this show so much!

  20. PeoriaPokerPro says:

    Ricky and Fred come in with a fan, smoking pot, and a toy that sounds like a siren.


  21. charm52741 says:

    hahahaha- just watched this one on dvd- cracks me up every time:)

  22. BarrettTV says:

    Lucy is doin THE MOST!

  23. buttercremehonda says:

    what was so awesome about live TV was that you could hear the audience, instead of some stupid laugh track, gasp and giggle as they sensed the upcoming twist in the episode. ILL was by far the greatest sitcom the 20th century, and may be of all time in the US

  24. hlywdplayer says:

    Not to pick it apart cause this show was just pure magic, but , the siren and ringing sound that Ricky was making should have come from outside the window where Lucy was throwing her possessions out (by all means dont forget the Henna rinse -lol !!) instead of the living room , Love how she made a gallant attempt to reach that hat (twice) that fell on the floor — She was awesome !!

  25. Sil3entAng3l says:

    a classic ! amazing career she had. She is the first and the original.

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