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I LOVE LUCY clips with Lucille Ball commentary

I LOVE LUCY clips with Lucille Ball commentary (and others) from the Criterion Laserdisc
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14 Responses to “I LOVE LUCY clips with Lucille Ball commentary”

  1. adrianlindsaylohan says:

    such a shame they didn’t put any interviews in the dvds. but their still good. they should have madelyn pugh (one of the three writers of I Love Lucy, and the only one living right now) do a LOOOONG interview all about i love lucy and have her do commentary tracks on the best episodes along with crew members thats still alive and then colorize the best episodes put it optional on a blu ray collection and include all the interview and bios on the blu ray collection. but if only that could happen

  2. sportygirl869 says:

    What a great interview with funny vids in the background. Such a beautiful and funny lady!

  3. caloscalante1518 says:

    @Celie3678 Not a bitch at all just a perfectionist. VERY detailed about the way the show was going to play out

  4. aprilmay06 says:

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting! Great insight,

  5. tlf243 says:

    I’ve heard different stories about how she was with the cast and crew and how Viv stood up to her. I hope she didn’t really mean that if the baby cried to drop him, that would have been cruel. I really loved Lucy and Desi and have also heard that they were very nice to everyone.

  6. relii100 says:

    i love lucy

  7. Celie3678 says:

    Hmmmmm! …sounds like Lucy might have been a bit of a bitch to work with.

  8. myluckyday20 says:

    wow this is amazing. i love the sardines story. i always wondered if thats what she really ate and how she could stand it

  9. iiiiiccccc says:

    brilliant to hear her speak about the great talullah bankhead at the end :-)

  10. illnsp08 says:

    @DVDFilmFun Oh i see. I didnt know about the things she said about the episodes as it’s the 1st time im hearing it. Will u put up the rest of it?

  11. DVDFilmFun says:

    @illnsp08 No, it is a collection of clips on the Laserdisc that has a commentary track with Lucy and other members of the creative team. They used new interviews and archival interviews to create the track in 1991. This is just one small excerpt from that montage and commentary.

  12. illnsp08 says:

    @DVDFilmFun Oh sorry, i didnt know what it was so i asked. Is it a Lucy documentary?

  13. DVDFilmFun says:

    @illnsp08 from the Criterion Laserdisc, as stated in the description

  14. illnsp08 says:

    Thks for posting! Where did you get the commentary from Lucy and the others?

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