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I love lucy clip

lucy squishing grapes it is funny
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25 Responses to “I love lucy clip”

  1. MpCrab says:

    woo, so this is jennete mcurdys fav show…….. sweet

  2. elmando5 says:

    I’m 26 and I almost pissed my pants from laughing so hard at this clip.

  3. TroyOi says:

    @tissetatten Sorry, I don’t get your point. Lucille Ball’s film career was entirely post-silent era, but even that’s not particularly relevant to what I was saying.

  4. roggerfrogger2 says:

    @tissetatten wow you dont seem like the sort of person who would care about degrading women.

  5. tissetatten says:

    back in the day they were all silent, so I dont think just 1 woman could do bean

  6. tissetatten says:

    @dhucke4assembly her husbend thretens to hit her in every show

  7. tissetatten says:

    @screwuguysizgoinhome her husbend thretens to hit her in every show, how is it not?

  8. tissetatten says:

    @roggerfrogger2 no one cares? you are whats wrong with the world, y dont u do it a favor and go hang yourself.

  9. LoveRobertAndKirsten says:

    isn’t this the ep that was fetured on the movie Pretty woman??? when viven says she never saw that episode. lol

  10. dhucke4assembly says:

    @tissetatten I think you’ve missed the point of the show entirely. Lucy was always sticking up for women.

  11. continuetodream says:

    I LOVE LUCY! :)

  12. HeatherFeather141 says:

    im 15 years old, and my moms buying me all the seasons on dvd this upcoming christmas. yayy!

  13. faris630 says:

    i hate shows in the 50s but i love lucy is just too funny

  14. angelrosario64 says:

    I love see that movie over and over again

  15. clintonearlwalker says:

    @eleanorayoulateagain I just typed in Lucy the Matchmaker and it is apparently uploaded here on YT 3 weeks ago. I guess it works, many vids are uploaded and removed all the time here on YT, u need to check often, I hope it works for u.

  16. DADA090161 says:

    I love Lucy !!!!!! I try to find this show translate in french …..unfortunately without result..

  17. benthemiester says:

    Lucille Ball later said that the Italian women was really beating the hell out of her.

  18. thetalldancer says:

    does any one know what the name of this episode is???

  19. learn2beRandom101 says:

    ethal: lucy? ricky: where is she? ethal: where is she?

  20. reigningblood9 says:

    the original cat fight

  21. screwuguysizgoinhome says:

    @tissetatten no its not

  22. roggerfrogger2 says:

    @tissetatten no1 cares

  23. onthesetflickr says:

    For a look at a color model of the I Love Lucy set, Google “I Love Lucy Charles Brogdon” and hit the I’m feeling Lucky button.

  24. eleanorayoulateagain says:

    @krunk4theking If you ever come across the Lucy episode “Lucy is a Matchmaker” I would love to see it. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. :(

    That’s the one where Lucy and Ethel go over to Fred’s friend Eddy Grant’s hotel room and get caught trying on negligees, all because Eddy thought that Lucy was trying to date him herself, and not really trying to fix him up with her friend Sylvia Collins.

    That’s one of my favorite episodes.

  25. eleanorayoulateagain says:

    Hilarious!! I love it!!! :)

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