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I love lucy chocolate

The infamous i love lucy and the chocolate factory episode
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25 Responses to “I love lucy chocolate”

  1. CosmicFur says:

    Why was this infamous?

  2. EmberFaust says:

    I used to watch this show with my dad.

  3. medhapcjj says:

    :) RedHeads Rock. Lucy was VERY beautiful. She had a very different look. My mom always says that lucy reminds her of me. haha she says Both redheads and both always getting in to trouble with our bestfriend ,and has an opinion about everything. And dont take any Crap. haha i said and alot.. :)

  4. anastacio54 says:

    “LET ‘ER ROLL!!!!!!!!”

  5. mushita98 says:

    I recall this episode as one of the funniest of the I love Lucy show. I laughed now the same or even more than the very first time. The Vitameatavegamin girl episode was funny too, but this one about the chocolate factory, especially the part when they are working on the conveyor belt was absolutely hillarious.

  6. Berrypool001 says:

    I watched this show with my mom since the minute I could walk. Lucy will always be the queen of comedy. Why must people steal her comedy bits?
    Vitameatavegamin girl FTW

  7. TheAnnieEileen says:

    1st time i saw this show I was 7 years old

  8. starblue951 says:

    this girl she is so freking funny 4real!!!!!

  9. SHINeelover101 says:

    so funny hahhahhahahahahahahahaha

  10. TheWiccanWarren says:

    This was funny!

  11. 713TexanVet says:


  12. TheAnnabell1234 says:

    @TheAnnabell1234 Sorry May 1970.

  13. TheAnnabell1234 says:

    @Clifton5596 I, started watching I Love Lucy May 170 I was only 11 yrs old. today I’m 51…and I still Love Lucy! I can’t stop laughing…….

  14. UnknownUsername647 says:

    I kept pinching ‘em to see what kind they were . . .

    So darn funny! Sounds like something I would do, too. LOL

  15. Johnnybravobenitez says:


  16. awsomeyoshi2 says:

    this is one of my fav episodes

  17. MrOlmandanery says:

    que lindos momentos paso cuando veo yo amo a Lucy , increiblemente me rio hasta el cansancio,

  18. justmejewels711 says:

    one of my all time favorite moments!! I have had this happen to me several different times as a dishwasher on Pasta night!!! Chocolate would have been so much more fun and yummy!!! ‘-)

    How can you Not love Lucy!!!

  19. lucyfan1976 says:

    Ditto!! oNE OF MY all TIME favorite shows.. They do NOT make comedy like this anymore, nomatter how much they try!

  20. bigggstarrr says:


  21. 14XxtictocXx14 says:

    ooh choclate

  22. filipgurl says:

    Haha Oh my gosh! Hilarious

  23. laline489 says:

    i love i love lucy i can watch it til my eyes fall out

  24. laline489 says:

    i love i love lucy i can watch it til my eyes fall off

  25. cyrannodb says:

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