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I Love Lucy – Chicken and Rice

Lucy explains to her mother in law what she will be preparing for dinner.

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Chicken and Rice”

  1. store275 says:


  2. msvioletrose4u216 says:

    she became asian for awhile hilarious ….

  3. 133Pau says:

    “Haha Arroz”
    “Yes!Aroz Con Pollo!”
    “Yea Well Thats What We’re Having”xDHaha

  4. xRockaJoJox says:

    LOL “Well I don’t think so but we’re havin’ it with rice”

  5. nz166 says:

    @TheJedikai its imitating a stereotypical 1950s asian person

  6. quackdebbie says:

    I love Lucy and Ricky’s apartment.

  7. AlexisRamosx says:

    this show makes watching stuff in black and white fun!!

  8. buttmuch101 says:

    this is goinf to make me sound SO ignorant but i genuinely didn’t know what i love lucy was untill katy perry said that was what her and russell’s relationship was like. now i understanddddddd lol

  9. najwakaramfan48 says:

    @TheJedikai I’d like to know that too ;)

  10. najwakaramfan48 says:

    @Fluttercry No, that’s an actress named Mary Emery :)

  11. Fluttercry says:

    Is that really Desi Arnaz Mother?

  12. onthesetflickr says:

    For a look at a color model of the I Love Lucy set, Google “I Love Lucy Charles Brogdon” and hit the I’m feeling Lucky button.

  13. xolucyyxo says:

    puttt mooore upppppppp!!!

  14. kduideo says:

    how was anyone offended???

  15. daydreamer593 says:

    best show ever

  16. faithfan98 says:

    well i dont think so but were having it with rice!!!! lol she just cracks me up

  17. alicebrown23 says:

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  18. markadamsweb says:

    I just watched this episode and many others on ILoveLucyEpisodes * com
    The site is gift. all her episodes in one place for FREE. :- )

  19. TheJedikai says:

    whats the lil rice song she did- that was crazy funny.

  20. Liebling05 says:

    omgoddddd Lucy leaves me speechless. all I can do is lmao…

  21. schs1977 says:

    @animationeer – Far too many people now believe they have “the right” not to be offended.

  22. animationeer says:

    @schs1977 yeah…this generation somehow is growing up without a sense of humor…i wonder why…

  23. schs1977 says:

    Not very “politically correct”! This when TV was funny and the writers did not worry if they offended someone…..

  24. amithysts says:

    its arroz con pollo lucy!! XD lol

  25. steven1660 says:

    The Official Second Season Of “The Lucy Show,” Lucy’s second series is being released on DVD July 13, 2010! So everyone go out and buy it so that the third season is released quickly! It is in Color! and is hilarious, it also co-stars Vivian Vance(Ethel)!

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