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I Love Lucy – Chicken and Rice

Lucy explains to her mother in law what she will be preparing for dinner.
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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – Chicken and Rice”

  1. pippinpim says:

    I love Lucy <3

  2. Nacamahunt says:

    @zolluuu it means “rice with cock” cock means chicken…

  3. ZingZee123456789 says:

    Lol….at the Asian imitation XD

  4. Zeanu says:

    Oh ho ho ho, god bless you, positive racist humor.

  5. MiracleeCream says:

    Racist!! But in a great humorous way! I love it! I’m Vietnamese and i got it when she started singing that song!

  6. TudorRose85 says:

    The rice part always gets to me.

  7. Blueeyedboy87 says:

    Con polla?!!! Qué rica…!

  8. seonfox says:

    They picked a great name for this show. Everyone will love Lucy until the end of time.

  9. SweetSnakeBzz says:

    Lucy looks like me, when I’m trying to explain something in English… hahaha…

  10. globalarts272 says:

    Lucille Ball is timeless….I LOVE THIS SHOW! :D

  11. PapagenoJuan2 says:

    The first time I saw this as a kid, I couldnt stop laughing!!! :D

  12. balipsette says:

    I literally love Lucy. :)

  13. SoCalCaitlin14 says:

    arroz con pollo

  14. cheeriosinabowl says:

    Ricky’s Mom is “muy bonita”.

  15. seka1986 says:

    She does a real good chicken.

  16. POPPOKKO says:

    ella me recuerda como actua fran fine in the nanny

  17. shijieni2 says:

    Love it, it’s so true! I was on a flight from Boston to Beijing but the stewardesses couldn’t speak ANY Chinese, so they mimicked cows and chickens to ask which one the passengers wanted. The Chinese were quite amused and mimicked back their answer.

    As always, Lucy does a great job turning everyday problems into universal humor!

  18. jeffrykevans says:

    I feel that way sometimes trying to communicate too! But she makes it hilarious!

  19. Luciagraziosi says:

    Jajajajajjaa buenísimo q poquita era Lucy jajajaaaa

  20. tlw1950 says:

    Gallina means hen
    pollo is the word for chicken meat that you eat

  21. BookwormBeth417 says:

    OH, LUCY!!!

  22. SilverShadowMusic says:

    Lucy: (does impression of chicken)
    Ricky’s mother: “Oh! Guaina, see!”
    Lucy: “GUAINA? Well, I don’t think so, but we’re having it with rice.”

  23. gooboo1000 says:


  24. gooboo1000 says:


  25. knutfheifer says:

    @knutfheifer thankyou! would you like some pitta pockets and lucy ale? hope that helps in the necromancer of beans!

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