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I Love Lucy – California Here I Come

California Here I Come as sung by the cast of I Really like Lucy. Copyright DesiLu Productions.

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy – California Here I Come”

  1. hispuregarden says:

    had to post this to my fb site-we’re on our way to CA from NY!!

  2. mcfrdmn says:

    Excellent video clip

  3. GeorgeVreelandHill says:

    My favorite scene from I Love Lucy.
    Thank you.

    George Vreeland Hill

  4. kleggettl says:

    Me too. Very funny stuff, when Fred buys that old touring car & the Lucy takes them both for a spin @ the same time. Ethel is looking one way & here comes Lucy the other !

  5. kittykitty9878 says:

    can you post the hole episode?

  6. MstrirSage says:

    This gave me a much-needed smile.

  7. prckay says:

    @OldsVistaCruiser it was A Pontiac actually

  8. Yoshithedino123 says:

    @tippersteffi1 you have to wonder how he made such a mistake considering SUN doesn’t rhyme with ANYTHING



  10. lucy1fanwholovesbab1 says:

    Lucy’s last note is so funny, I swear I feel a million times better after watching this!

  11. DRG82100 says:

    They sure left us with wonderful, priceless memories – like this scene starting the Hollywood trek. The four were diamond perfect.

  12. OldsVistaCruiser says:

    Oops – that’s a Pontiac!

  13. OldsVistaCruiser says:

    @1947News – No windshield, either! Look at 0:03 – the windshield has been removed from that 1955 Buick – you can’t see the line where the wraparound windshield would be seen from the side.

  14. gregoryagogo says:

    Always awesome!

  15. sinblesser says:

    lulwut darkmirage..

  16. howellfilm says:

    Is the orchestra in the trunk?

  17. 1947News says:

    @newrochellephoenix It certainly was a more innocent time. All we had to fear back then was imminent nuclear annihilation by the Soviets; we didn’t give much thought to all the more likely safety issues threatening us.

  18. newrochellephoenix says:

    @1947News Well-a far more innocent age,dontcha know.

  19. newrochellephoenix says:

    Truly impressed with Freds strong voice.

  20. treycornelius says:

    I thought that it was funny when Lucy hit that strange high on-key note. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (SNORT!)

  21. VLNevada says:

    @mitch44068 WOW, how about pulling that stick out of your butt. Talk about brainless, like you really had to point out the apt was a set and the GWB is filmed on the set. No one here ever said they were not. The writing and comedy acting is the draw of the show.

    Mitch, try and lighten up and enjoy.

  22. she8u2st says:

    my best friend and i are going to take take a road trip from chicago to california this winter and this is the song we are going to blast when we leave home!

  23. compactdisk2 says:

    I love how Desi does the Al Jolson imitation in this.

  24. 1947News says:

    Gosh that looks so dangerous – no roll bar, no seat belts!

  25. dudemantwo says:

    What care is that?

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