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You’ve seen The Brady Bunch Bloopers, now its time for the I Love Lucy Bloopers. Enjoy!!! 100000 views on 8/24/2010

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25 Responses to “I LOVE LUCY BLOOPERS”

  1. CrazyWedz says:


  2. joules143 says:

    Wow, this is the worst “bloopers” spiel I’ve ever seen, though I do love “I Love Lucy.” This reminds me of that funny old Christopher Walken SNL skit, where he has psychic abilities, but only keen to absolutely useless information. What a waste of air time; I bet this show was booted fast. And I agree with other commenters in that the host is just plain creepy.

  3. elevenineteen119 says:

    Lucy was pretending to have drunk the one with sedative. It’s a joke, get it? If she really did drink it, she never would have talked to Ethel.

  4. Nicola096 says:

    Ok um honestyyy this was a live show. And they only had 2 min of commercials not like these days when its 17 min i wanna see u up there doing all that! Lucy and i love the show!!!

  5. peetie777 says:

    Agreed. What a jerk.

  6. sausageyman says:

    this isn’t bloopers…this is production mistakes

  7. AngeliaClaire says:


  8. KeepItGayStageNazi says:

    Look at that turtle neck. WADDA CREEP!

  9. britineyo says:

    this is just criticism not bloopers bboorrriinnngggg

  10. ejoio2 says:

    @pepperachu yeah and when you puckered his lips i think i will get nightmares

  11. LovinxoxoLife says:

    I Love Lucy!! :) So who cares about mistakes?! I wanted to see actual bloopers!!!

  12. arlichar11 says:

    i always like fred charcter but it did make ethel seem alot older… they were best friends and kinda odd to hang out with ppl not in your generation, its like you dont get married and then hang out with your parents friends..they were landlords so that would require older couple.. but like they said lucy desi and and viv looked same age
    and william looked like someones grandpa

  13. HeyItsASquirrel says:

    @pepperachu kind of? don’t you mean really creepy

  14. akiddlydivy2 says:

    Vello, I am Deiter, velcome to Sprockets!

  15. dcentlookn says:

    At Amy, The show had plenty of bloopers but since it was live, they worked around it. There was an episode on Lucy when the phone rang and it was Ricky was supposed to answer it. He missed the que and Lucy worked it into the script. The way she did it, it made it seem as though it was originally apart of the script. Wow, what an actresss!!!! I miss her!

  16. journey2findme says:

    @CelloChick90 okay lol was about to say the same thing…yeah back then when they had “bloopers” they just kept rolling because they want the original laughs. I’ve only seen one blooper of lucy laughing and ricky covering it up….and they kept it in!

  17. DiaperBoy says:


  18. TheRealBobbyChase says:

    Obnoxious host. Ugly suit/black turtleneck.

  19. HonRosie6 says:

    creeeeeeeeeeeepy guy. :|

  20. CelloChick90 says:

    I think it’s because there weren’t really any “bloopers” in “I Love Lucy” because back then, they didn’t edit the shows, so everything you ever see is live. That’s how awesome of actors they all were…there’s certainly nothing like this on t.v. anymore.

  21. faithalwayslove says:

    i looooove lucyyyyy! :)

  22. Fluttercry says:

    @amythesenior I don’t think they have any. I think most of the I love Lucy Bloopers made it on the air.

  23. LouisDE1 says:

    There were tons of bloopers in I Love Lucy, and many of the situations made no sense logistically. But all that added to the silliness and laughter we embraced.

  24. IstandUp713 says:

    lucy character is a bitch

  25. HPLuverfan4ever says:

    i was hoping for bloopers, not accidents…but enjoyed.

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