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I Love Lucy

My friend made this special video for me..Yay I love Lucy :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “I Love Lucy”

  1. LoveRobertAndKirsten says:

    I Love Lucy! hehehe x

  2. soadfan33 says:

    I also luv Lucy!!! she was one crazy redhead!!

  3. jnmklo9 says:

    Lucille Ball the one the only

  4. danymolano says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥ LoVe her! ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. SFheroes says:

    Happy Anniversary Matty! I love you long time…. and forever, and ever XOXOXOXO

  6. emms25 says:

    awww great video…i watch this on cable. They do make a good couple, I guess things were different in those days! :P

  7. alicebrown23 says:

    hey guys I , found a site where we can watch all her episodes in full length for free. :-) ILoveLucyEpisodes . ( c o m )

  8. genrelguner2 says:

    yes i do love lucy.B a girl at school O-O

  9. bookspeace1233 says:

    great/amazing times

  10. 13203201 says:


    To Desilu:

    tera1320 cyberpunk extrodinaire!!!!

  11. jemmytaveras says:

    did you guys know that Desi was the First Latino in TV, he’s a man to admire and Lucy kills me every time I see her doing her crazy Shenanigans n.n

  12. HardyCenaMariaWWErox says:

    i just did a project on her…I cant belive that she made such an impact on life today…she rox!

  13. 26mae1987 says:

    i love lucy x

  14. lestube001 says:

    what a nice song

  15. mearte says:

    :::Message to the I love Lucy fotolog::: Put /ilovelucy_fan on Google and then, start searching our fotolog. We love Lucy!. Woahh!.

  16. merdelune9 says:

    A few years ago ABC had a movie about the life of Lucille Ball. Does anyone remember the name of the movie?

  17. DarkChipmunks989 says:

    I Love Lucy is the best show ever! My dad and I record I Love Lucy. Ricky is kinda mean to Lucy sometimes though. I’m actually sorry for Lucy. I mean first she sometimes gets yelled at by Ricky.

  18. PeterDeZeeuw says:

    And I love you, Karin Elizabef.


  19. thedropkicker says:

    yay i can finally comment! and im suing u! haha kidding. glad u like it. ;-)

  20. Karenlisbeth20 says:

    I surely do I Love Lucy :) show ;) …..<3

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