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I Love Lucy 1950′s TV commercial

I Love Lucy- Coming Attractions
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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy 1950′s TV commercial”

  1. allison091091 says:

    hahaha!! xD

  2. BettyVanSneeIV says:

    I remember this … there was one show and one channel and I had the only tv and I went out for a shake.

  3. punkimiko says:

    This must be a promo for season 3 because the hospital ep was season 2

  4. myluckyday20 says:

    @impCaesarAvg what. why? its always lucy who screws everything up

  5. faithfan98 says:

    the great moment arrived

  6. SeriouslyBadElf says:


  7. ILoveLucyXOX says:

    I am getting tired of only being able to watch her episodes in parts. So I surfed the web until I found what I was looking for, all Lucy’s episodes in full length. :-) IloveLucyEpisodes . [ c o m ]

  8. darrylhaynes says:


  9. steven1660 says:

    The Official Second Season Of “The Lucy Show,” Lucy’s second series is being released on DVD July 13, 2010! So everyone go out and buy it so that the third season is released quickly! It is in Color! and is hilarious, it also co-stars Vivian Vance(Ethel)!

  10. cobhcdr says:

    @MrMalusDeus lmao +1

  11. mrsuzieqpug says:

    Little Rickey… pepples…Tabatha…Son of Kong..Lassie…The triplets(My Three Sons) Bett Joes Baby(petticoat Junction…and on and on that cuban was a smart director…

  12. MrMalusDeus says:

    Golly Gee that sure is swell I better remember to ask my gal if we can go parking some other time Only a square would miss this

  13. Pinkynose499 says:

    I love “I Love Lucy”

  14. comaster2 says:

    yeah! :)

  15. Finko00 says:

    I dont know why the thumnbs down… you are probably right! Meddling Mertzes…

  16. Finko00 says:

    You mean Pebbles?

  17. comaster2 says:

    HEY! The Flintstones did the same thing with Pebles!!!

  18. impCaesarAvg says:

    I think the Mertzes could have done the Ricardos a big fovor by leaving them alone.

  19. sugarlipz96 says:

    they really could NOT have casted beter people! all 4 of them were fantastic! I Love Lucy!

  20. 99PerCentNatural says:

    I laughed so hard!
    I love Lucy, I really do :)

  21. MrImsomeone says:

    yes it is

  22. KaeseyAndo says:

    is that the women that played ethal(sp)

  23. 19841985jpdyman says:

    I love the confusion that lucy’s causes.

  24. m11011982 says:

    BWAH HAHAHAHAHA I remember this scene, everyone had a special task for when Lucy announced she was ready and then they all forget who is to do what hence all the hecticness of it all LOVE IT – CLASSIC

  25. lordpenut1 says:

    this remindes me of year 9 drama

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