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I Love Lucy 1950′s TV commercial

I Adore Lucy- Coming Attractions

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25 Responses to “I Love Lucy 1950′s TV commercial”

  1. Landotter1 says:

    If Fred had pushed me down 3 times and jacked up my suitcase, I’d have knocked his fat-ass out!

  2. UofLCardFan08 says:

    Cig commercials were banned from TV in 1972.

  3. Blessings2UForever says:

    @Finko00 If you watched the whole episode, it was Lucy who asked for Fred and Ethel to come over to keep Ricky calm, which makes it even funnier in the end how it worked out. And the Mertzes were the godparents and their presence in this scene added to the comedy. You forget that this is a COMEDY and is meant to make people laugh, not to be criticized as real life scenarios… Sheesh!!!

  4. gamagan1 says:

    @rockerseven i liked the clothes lucy wore , bad bitch omg

  5. princesscake says:

    @MrCopyrightViolator What do I look like, a Mary? Of course I want unfiltered Phillip Morris!

  6. rockerseven says:

    so much comedy…and its just a commercial! lol
    best tv show ever!

  7. wiseass2147 says:

    I’m guessing this came from the DVD set. When ever i watched the reruns i always thought the transition to the “heart” logo at the end looked like a bad edit. couldn’t be promoting cigarettes after the ban in the 60′s after all.

  8. jupiknight says:

    This is how my pregnancy will go…

  9. mburns8395 says:

    @eyemakeupfrenzy Absolutely, the times were so much better than today.

  10. GeorgeVreelandHill says:


    George Vreeland Hill

  11. MrCopyrightViolator says:

    Must… smoke… Phillip Morris…

  12. rottenapples3 says:

    @Finko00 It Looks Like an Old 16mm Film

  13. eyemakeupfrenzy says:

    I really do love Lucy this is pure comedy I wish more shows were more like this today :( I should’ve been born in the 50′s

  14. allison091091 says:

    hahaha!! xD

  15. BettyVanSneeIV says:

    I remember this … there was one show and one channel and I had the only tv and I went out for a shake.

  16. punkimiko says:

    This must be a promo for season 3 because the hospital ep was season 2

  17. myluckyday20 says:

    @impCaesarAvg what. why? its always lucy who screws everything up

  18. faithfan98 says:

    the great moment arrived

  19. SeriouslyBadElf says:


  20. ILoveLucyXOX says:

    I am getting tired of only being able to watch her episodes in parts. So I surfed the web until I found what I was looking for, all Lucy’s episodes in full length. :-) IloveLucyEpisodes . [ c o m ]

  21. darrylhaynes says:


  22. steven1660 says:

    The Official Second Season Of “The Lucy Show,” Lucy’s second series is being released on DVD July 13, 2010! So everyone go out and buy it so that the third season is released quickly! It is in Color! and is hilarious, it also co-stars Vivian Vance(Ethel)!

  23. cobhcdr says:

    @MrMalusDeus lmao +1

  24. mrsuzieqpug says:

    Little Rickey… pepples…Tabatha…Son of Kong..Lassie…The triplets(My Three Sons) Bett Joes Baby(petticoat Junction…and on and on that cuban was a smart director…

  25. MrMalusDeus says:

    Golly Gee that sure is swell I better remember to ask my gal if we can go parking some other time Only a square would miss this

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