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i dream of jeannie

i dream of jeannie video

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25 Responses to “i dream of jeannie”

  1. CarolinaSP20 says:

    Times change…
    i don’t find more TV shows like that…

  2. latequilera22 says:

    Do do, do do do do do, do do. haha

  3. barf245 says:

    @rjsmth It was racy back then or not decent but today’s standars are more lax

  4. xJSDLx says:

    My name is Jeannie! ;b

  5. Kostagh says:

    There actually was a Larry Hagman BEFORE J.R….

  6. rjsmth says:

    I can’t understand what was the big deal of not showing Barbara Eden’s navel back then???? Stupid tv censors….

  7. SSCC2015 says:

    this show is on from 1:00pm to 3:00pm here, but in the USA i think its from 12:00 to 2:00 in channel 71

  8. Feanic says:

    I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano

  9. gidgetmonroe says:

    @pienatguard when i your age, i used to watch shows like the odd couple and Brady bunch, so your ok!!!
    i’m 22 now

  10. lyssrina says:

    the show is good but not my fav

  11. WiiMaster8881 says:

    Speaking of the title, who do dream of most?

  12. driver3464 says:

    For those who would like to see Barbara Edens navel, check out a movie called “The fuzz and the feminist”

  13. driver3464 says:

    For those who would like to see Barbara Edens navel, check a movie called “The fuzz and he feminist”

  14. Juliaensepia says:

    I love the 60s fashion too!

  15. jfko6 says:

    For more on Barbara Eden you can read my article on Lockergnome(dot)com: “Barbara Eden Launches Official Website, Biography 2011.” There you can leave´╗┐ a comment.

  16. emilicatyful says:

    que buena serie y que fuerte estaba larry hagman

  17. soulleskill says:

    @rangerdgd1 lol the babes are dreamy :)

  18. soulleskill says:

    Mr larry tate.

  19. SquirtleTheShiny says:

    LOL, I can’t say how many times I heard this….
    0:15 Jeannie: Where is mah body?

  20. emilicatyful says:

    adoro esta serie y que fuerte estaba Larry Hagman

  21. freethisone says:

    here is a twist, nasa uses a jeannie in a bottle because, they have known there is life away from earth..

    a sybol of how nasa, and all who are from nasa are liers..

  22. MpSamieLynn says:

    esta serie me gusta

  23. McNugget06 says:

    Jeanie was a sexy ass bitch

  24. Tundraboy05 says:

    i loved 0:14.

  25. 4dhu78889 says:

    hey! this show took place in my favorite state in the U.S. It’s definitely got my vote! :)

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