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I Adore Lucy – The Gossip

The scene exactly where Ricky talks in his sleep in the renowned episode, “The Gossip.”
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25 Responses to “I Adore Lucy – The Gossip”

  1. MandyBooVLDarkMoon says:


  2. spnmemories says:

    2 people dont know what true comedy is

  3. ovibbfh says:

    Lucy Lucy Lucy!

  4. GregMansfieldvideos says:

    Pssst….some gossip…..Today is Saturday, August 6, 2011, which is the 100th anniversary of Lucille Désirée Ball’s birthday.

    Born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, NY (a city mentioned a couple times in the 1950s series of “I Love Lucy”), the beloved Lucille Ball was the queen of television comedy most recognized for her role as Lucy Ricardo. As we enjoy these episode clips of her most famed tv program, lets all say, especially today on the 100th birthday anniversary….Happy birthday Lucy!!

  5. AngelVomit26 says:

    @mossyroc13 One of My Favorite Scenes…especially the “That is all” Hahahahah

  6. mossyroc13 says:

    Grace Foster
    Grace Foster is running away
    Grace Foster is running away with
    Grace Foster is running away with the milkman
    Grace Foster is running away with the milkman, and her husband doesn’t suspect anything.
    That is all.

  7. oneakinddoll says:

    i love this show.. i wish they had it back on re-run!! grrr.. lucy rocks!!

  8. sweetmarie11663 says:

    ricky is such a bull shitter lol.

  9. cheeriosinabowl says:

    Lucy — a gossip? Shocking!

  10. Mattraction513 says:

    2 people watch jersey shore

  11. imtinayang says:

    that is all

  12. leopoldvs says:

    00:54 Lucy’s face! Hilarious!

  13. rem2267 says:

    @montanerfan10 – Very cute idea. Did you ever do it? Did anyone guess correctly that it was from an ILL episode?

  14. rem2267 says:

    00:32 hilarious!
    Even funnier = “That is all.”

  15. 3Oh3metrostation says:

    oh no grace foster is running away with the milkman i have to tell everybodynoww!

  16. supremes1964 says:

    anyone noticed the dual-king size bed?…..they always had two separate twin size beds.

  17. FLEXNPOSE says:

    This is the show that really started all sitcoms to be what they are today, even if some of i love Lucy seems a little out dated just remember this show started in 1951, and there are sitcoms after it, 60′s,70′s.80′s,90′s and even in 2000 that dont hold up today, but i can always watch any episode of I LOVE LUC and still laugh.

  18. wiccanlove1 says:

    @TrevWks : Oh, so do I! This is my favorite Lucy episode…..

  19. UofLCardFan08 says:


    Lucy promised that she could go without gossiping for a while. Ricky is making up this juicy Grace Foster story in hopes Lucy will gossip about it.

  20. TrevWks says:

    I love the earlier scene where Lucy pantomimes the story about Betty catching her husband Jack out dancing with another woman. Also the later scene with the furnace pipe – classic!

  21. sapphiregurl94 says:

    3:16 haha I’m a real stinker alright!

  22. jeannielovesrick62 says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  23. kakashidemon321 says:

    Wait, why is he trying to get her to listen to him? o.o

  24. AfterTheWind says:

    I love it when she goes to put her head down and the look on her face lol…0:52. I wish I could do that with my eyebrow @ 1:13 and 1:29 lol.

  25. wiccanlove1 says:

    This is my favorite episode of “Lucy”……..

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