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I Adore Lucy Television Opening Theme

The opening theme to 1 of the greatest show ever on Television from the 1950s, the I Love Lucy Show

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25 Responses to “I Adore Lucy Television Opening Theme”

  1. fullhousefrek says:

    I like this intro music the best!

  2. cheeriosinabowl says:

    I love this theme song of I LOVE LUCY.

    Such a catchy melody, nostalgic, and very upbeat. In a word … classic.

  3. WSenator1 says:

    According to a TV Guide poll, “Seinfeld” was the greatest comedy in TV history. With all due respect to that show’s fans (and I like it myself), the next two shows on that list, in the order given, were the greatest: “I Love Lucy” and “The Honeymooners.”

  4. 773SleepyHollow says:

    @rockergirl83 My mother was an elementary-school principal when Lucille Ball died… one of her students, a grief-stricken little girl, asked Mom if the school was going to “do anything” to formally honor Ms. Ball.

  5. Shayne997 says:

    I Love Lucy is my most favorite TV show and hope
    that it will always be on the air for it’s fans.

  6. Tarzana324 says:

    this will be a good for my celfone ringtone.

  7. CAMdarkangel says:

    So much memories coming from that opening…

  8. 2ranchowego says:

    This is truly one of the best tv shows ever made<3

  9. gigi90censored says:

    In Italy this theme has been used as intro to the game of Lotto on TV

  10. WSenator1 says:

    This year, to channel Ricky Ricardo, CBS has a lot of celebratin’ to do! On January 12, 2011. “All in the Family” celebrates its 40th anniversary. And in October, “I Love Lucy” celebrates its 60th anniversary.

  11. ilovelucyfan500 says:

    @lyssrina me to but i’ll try to find time to watch it

  12. lyssrina says:

    @ilovelucyfan500 oh man, thats the time i usually get up and get ready for work

  13. ilovelucyfan500 says:

    @lyssrina 6 AM eastern time zone

  14. lyssrina says:

    @ilovelucyfan500 question do u know what time its starts monday?

  15. ilovelucyfan500 says:

    @lyssrina so am i

  16. lyssrina says:

    @ilovelucyfan500 im so glad that they are starting back up

  17. ilovelucyfan500 says:

    @lyssrina they will start agin on hallmark channel monday morning

  18. lyssrina says:

    i wish the repeats were still on

  19. nightspeller says:

    My mother and my grandmother LOVE this show, and I’m a bit of a fan myself. Such an awesome show, with some of the most original music I’ve ever heard.

  20. 4string59 says:

    Lucy And Desi were two of the most talented people who ever graced television! Her comedy and timing was perfect! And thanks to the forsight of Desi Arnaz, who filmed each and every episode, (all tv shows were done live back then), and paid for it out of his own pocket, we are able to enjoy them today. They were wonderful!

  21. Glinkaism1 says:

    This is it! Wilbur Hatch either composed or orchestrated it. Or did Desi compose it? Either way, it’s lovely. Love that old TV audio compression. You can hear the theme from anywhere in your house! :)

  22. ericthatsme1 says:

    This is not the original the original apparently had matchstick type characters. Would like to see that.

  23. fromthesidelines says:

    There was also a version of this title where an announcer added, “Lucille Ball…..and Desi Arnaz… ‘I LOVE LUCY’…..with Vivian Vance and William Frawley”. That was rarely seen in syndicated prints.

  24. JanWest24 says:

    @rockergirl83 It’s great that new generation learns about classic Tv.I’m 15 and i’ve recently fallen in love with this show.

  25. WSenator1 says:

    @WSenator1 – Having CBS restoring ILL episodes would be a nice idea. In color? I’m not so sure. I know that there is an audience out there that won’t watch anything that’s B&W, but somehow I’d rather not see them colorized.

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