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Husker Du on Joan Rivers Show

Husker Du play “Could You Be The One” and have a short interview with Joan Rivers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Husker Du on Joan Rivers Show”

  1. dirtynuke says:


  2. dirtynuke says:

    What the hel

  3. MurphysLaww says:

    sounds much better live at Liberty Lunch, if there still was a Liberty Lunch…

  4. hypersquared says:

    I seem to remember Joan had Public Enemy on at one point, too. Someone on her staff had taste.

  5. jacotango says:

    @wjb67ii Great comment man. :) Luckily the Huskers came along, among others, and blew away all those fucking 80′s hair bands.

  6. astroboirap says:

    husker du + joan rivers? wtf is going on

  7. plasticweapon says:

    GREAT live version,very nearly as good as the original.

  8. garyhelsinger says:

    no one mentioned that Joan fucked up the song title on the intro.

  9. chainrelease says:

    You mean the one I´m recording at the moment, bloody skinhead?

  10. ahabthewhaler says:

    you’re quite different from the damn record you damn hippy

  11. ashetonpop says:

    That song is quite different from the record…

  12. Abraxas80 says:

    That blond granny really sucks…!

  13. Nigelxman says:

    Hilarious to see them on this show. Joan Rivers looks like she died a preserved dead woman. :-)

  14. davidleegoth says:

    did WB pay for the painted trees?

  15. shrapnelenema says:

    this isn’t one of their good songs

  16. assplosionlives says:

    Geraldo and Greg need to have a battle of mustaches.

    Greg would win every time, of course.

  17. blownapartsky says:

    Grant is such a fascinating character and let me explain:

    Did he steal Seinfeld’s jacket?
    Did his nose get broke by a white supremacist flung chair?
    At-il un tickler très large?
    Did he find a Rock Lobster?

  18. blownapartsky says:

    jesus christmas – I shit my butt when I read this!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kidobriza says:

    man shes the worst tv show hoist ive ever seen

    ” whos the calm one, whos the wild one?”

    i bet not even the menudos or the backstreet boys get to ansewrw these type of questions

  20. jeffkahl says:

    awesome! but I wonder what compelled Bob to sing an alternate verse melody?

  21. wjb67ii says:

    that’s what punk rock looked like before MTV got its mitts on it and turned it into another fashion horse! nothing is more punk rock than Greg’s handlebar moustache and white sneakers amidst a sea of mohawks and shaved heads and leather biker jackets and doc martins

  22. opprime1 says:

    yes sir, she does

  23. plasticcanon says:

    yea, they might look somewhat strange, but that doesn’t really matter.

    The music is great.
    The stache rules.

  24. sean455 says:

    Such a kick ass band that i hold very dear to me, but god they look ridiculous in this clip. Mould is the only one who looks half normal, Grants shirt and trouser combiation is something else alright, and Greg….yeah, it takes a certain individual with the balls to grow that moustache.

    Still though, those were better days for all the above reasons.

  25. bvanbelle123 says:

    husker du on joan rivers?? my world is now complete.

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