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Husker Du – Live on Late Show with Joan Rivers

Husker Du perform ‘Could You Be the One?’ and ‘She’s a Woman (And Now He is a Man)’ live on the Late Show with Joan Rivers on April 27, 1987. Also includes a short interview.
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25 Responses to “Husker Du – Live on Late Show with Joan Rivers”

  1. tadpole3535 says:

    Wow, I thought that was Geraldo Rivera on bass!

  2. justiceben4 says:

    holy shit. i never knew they were gay.They r still cools.

  3. eyesea says:

    greg norton is hotter than fishgrease

  4. scotscar says:


    I have a hard time how clean shaven and preppy Mould got for this “appearance” on this show…he was always the ambitious one though eh…too bad he can’t submerge the ego and make the many fans out there happy by playing a wee bit with Grant and Greg…I mean Bob already is bitching in 86? 87? here about how he can’t criticize the government anymore cos his emotional spectrum is “wider” so yeah…lol

  5. TheGodMan69 says:

    @woodoven wow i never knew that the guitarist/singer and drummer were gay. I still think this band was fuckin amazing

  6. rumpeltiltskin says:

    Grant said later that he was flabbergasted at being branded as “The wild boy” in the band, maybe he felt he was being patronised, or maybe he just read to much into it.

  7. yesfan1717 says:

    “Hoosker”? Have I been pronouncing it wrong this entire time?

  8. Detroit1967 says:

    Hüsker Dü, Replacements, Dream Syndicate, True West, Band of Outsiders, Rain Parade, Jeff Dahl, Plan 9, Plasticland………….. so many cool bands in the 80s

  9. TheInvisibleCollege says:

    How did they end up with Joan Rivers?

  10. GreenBayLA says:

    You can hear Joan scream at 7:22 ; )

  11. murfdasurfer says:

    @woodoven Being straight I have no problem with artist and their preference of men or women. Pretty petty when you think of it. Music breaks bounderies and thats the way it should be. Art is art no matter who what or where it comes from. And yes Bob Mould rocks.

  12. lahgo82 says:

    one of my all time favorite singing drummers UROK grant!

  13. A2Bparkour says:

    Nice interview Joan. Make people feel uncomfortable much?

  14. joynthis says:

    Wait. The guy with the Snidely Whiplash moustache was the straight one? Nothing makes sense anymore.

  15. hundhun17 says:

    Bob Mould is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. In London in 1985 everyone stood with their jaws open as he played. It was SO loud.

  16. groptimum says:

    Oh, ironically enough, it was Greg who sported the crazy huge mustache and look that could be interpreted as stereotypically “gay.” And he’s not!

  17. groptimum says:

    It’s like with Freddy Mercury, maybe more so- Bob and Grant transcend the stigma or stereotype of being “gay.” In his music and his stage presence Bob is one of the “toughest” guys around and Husker orig. played for sweaty, aggro, often violent punks. Their music has absolutely nothing to do with “gayness” – only perhaps some of Bob and Grant’s lyrics reflect their own personal relationships- but are written pretty gender-ambiguous. I once interviewed Bob and he’s an intense, straight-up dude.

  18. Fatwreckman says:


  19. chevyvan10 says:

    so far ahead of their time…. it still sounds fresh.

  20. erismo23 says:

    I think you mean wigs would flip.

  21. revived0103 says:

    Oh wow, they’re gay? that is awesome.

  22. warmwarmerdisco says:

    @boomboxlamf it’s pretty funny to think about

  23. Vengeance509 says:

    Bob Mould has no daughter. What are u smoking, salinagrrrl69?

    This was a cool moment for that band, in terms of exposure. Bob Mould and Joan Rivers. Surreal. LOL. If only any of you really KNEW. Holy shit. Lids would flip.

  24. noisesionoise says:

    @boomboxlamf i do

  25. eerawb says:

    I don’t know how familiar you are with Los Crudos…but it’s the same thing
    their lead singer is now in a band called Limp Wrist

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