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How’s the environment? – Yes Minister – BBC comedy

One more quiet chat at a function in Yes Minister. British political comedy from the BBC.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “How’s the environment? – Yes Minister – BBC comedy”

  1. LFurfari says:

    Interesting video. My name is Laura, and I am offering a global salvation plan to anyone that breaths oxygen. Please visit my site ccrg dot info to learn more. Blessings & Prosperity

  2. Tokyorosebiz says:


  3. AliceTRoyal says:

    The awkward moment when the two top-rated comments are in direct opposition of each other….

  4. lima33ful says:

    I love British comedy, to bad the BBC folks are such idiot politicaly.

  5. 10kingstreet says:

    Hurrah for BBC content you can access outside of the UK!
    the colonies :)

  6. TalesOfWar says:

    To those going on about the advertisements on this channel. This is BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm. This is NOT funded for by the TV license, it’s a private company funded privately via commercial means, hence this material being available around the world for starters rather than limited to UK IP addresses.

  7. lettucegod says:

    @Ardentor I concur sir.

  8. homerthegreat46 says:

    @Meldrew2008 same happens if u type in stephen fry !!!!!!!

  9. AlanWattParrot says:

    should’ve cut at ‘so, what dya want me to fix?’ lol

  10. Meldrew2008 says:

    I know I’m probably about to jinx this, but considering how political this show is, it’s actually quite refreshing to see an absolute minimum, if not a complete lack of heated debates in the comments sections. Maybe that’s a mark of how great this show is, we can discuss politics and have a laugh about it.

  11. lixechan says:

    Simon Pegg, are you really that desperate for money? ^^

  12. 8DX says:

    Subsidising self-indulgence! hahaha

  13. 1TALulu says:

    Everyone becareful the toxic chemicals rise to the surface of the water in the gulf evaporate into the air and carried with wind rain and dumped on land. Becareful about eating your fruits and veggies cuz DOLE cuts OFF the celery leaves on the stalks that are burnt! I live in IL and my plants, trees, flowers have burnt black leaves, black burnt holes, white corrosion some leaves on the trees have fallen off already it looks like fall here

  14. rkel100 says:

    John Nettleton is also quite fantastic as Sir Arnold :)

  15. rkel100 says:

    It’d really quite extraordinary how realistic this series was at satarising the Government machination. The subterfuge and stratagem applied to deal with embarrasing political situation I’m sure has probably been used by Government before, during & even after the series was broadcast :)

  16. ShahenshahG says:

    @Almightythor they make alot of money on advertising so we dont have to pay much more than the 145 pounds we do now. Although I think BBC has lost its bottle somewhat post Hutton inquiry its one of the few obligatory fees I dont mind paying.

  17. ozmate says:

    Advertising on youtube makes you look desperate

  18. abuabu41 says:

    I guess too much evel can only turn into comedy ….

  19. johnnyarvik says:

    The best comedy show ever along with Blackadder

  20. Almightythor says:

    Why does BBC have adverts at the start?!?!?!! Its wrong!!

  21. CalyxAsgard says:

    @WoodyLivesOn The Thick Of It huh? I will see what I can find out what it is about.

  22. WoodyLivesOn says:

    @CalyxAsgard There is. It’s called The Thick Of It. Little bit more swearing though!

  23. CalyxAsgard says:

    @DraculasHenchwoman True enough, it would be hard to find someone who can deliver their lines as well as Humphrey and Bernard were able to.

  24. DraculasHenchwoman says:

    @CalyxAsgard If only another Sir Humphrey existed! Alas!

  25. billse10 says:

    @CalyxAsgard – changes? No ….
    ‘Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis
    Except .. we don’t have to change much for this to be relevant today. Especially the Yes PM opinion polls bit …

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