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Howdy Doody

The Howdy Doody Show was one of the first and by far the most popular children’s television shows in the 1950′s and a reflection of the wonder, technical fascination and business realities associated with early television.

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25 Responses to “Howdy Doody”

  1. spxmet says:

    Boy, Howdy, this Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal sure tastes good, just like my Winston cigarettes!

  2. GusF says:

    I love the shameless Kelloggs advertising!

  3. The1994Gforce says:

    Ha! He’s dancing with a box of cereal!

  4. extruderofdertrude says:

    such a different time..

  5. xavierz66 says:

    I love his little dance/trot it’s so cool. Great example of early Americana television.

  6. TheMAGGIEMAE4 says:

    HEY KIDS………………………WHAT TIME IS IT??????????????

  7. PamiOhio says:

    I remember watching this show when I was a wee one …

  8. designermite says:

    Hey kids what time is it? It’s Howdy Doody time!

  9. doodledashia says:

    lol my lil sisters are scared of howdy doody…..hes not scary but the clown freaked me out

  10. JeffW77 says:

    Thurl Ravenscroft’s voice on the Rice Krispies jingle. Nobody else has a voice like Mr. Ravenscroft.

  11. RJRanke says:

    In the old days,sponsors seemed to be so much a part of the show.Howdy Doody ‘s content seemed to be half advertising for cereal,shoes,Wonder bread or whatever else.

  12. thecatatemyhomework says:

    I was in the first row of the Peanut Gallery. I’m on a mission to check out all of them to see if I see myself. If I do, I’ll probably freak out lol. I remember that day very well.

  13. MillCreekEnt says:

    Yes. We released a booklet with that information inside the box set. Check it out where DVDs are sold. Howdy Doody Show – 40 Episodes UPC = 683904506573

  14. TheDragonCult says:

    any where I can see what the date and venue of this filming was and what date it aired?

  15. utubeguy35 says:

    My Grampa loved this show in the 1940s as a kid. Too bad it died in 1960.

  16. jesusjerkoffisgod says:

    hahahaha…every time he craps he gets splinters

  17. ljcteehee says:

    Adding cream into cereal? Wow. Whole milk is bad enought.

  18. joni106 says:

    i remember this show

  19. Djinn0fire says:

    That is diabolical !!! LOL

  20. shocktower70 says:

    The raveings of my peers…
    Fellow boomers childhood foolishness…

    Perhaps snippets from a happier time
    In our America

  21. Stereolabdream says:

    Mind you, that clown would put me off my breakfast straight away….

  22. Stereolabdream says:

    My goodness, the commercials aside… (I gre up with the BBC so my parents’ taxes sponsored the programme, lol), isn’t it interesting how all the children in the audience are in their “Sunday best”??? We are all so complacent about TV now…

  23. hourlynewscaster says:

    You have to remember one thing about the “brainwashing” of old TV ads, at least they were plain foods that didn’t foster hate or violence. The commercials were so important that when Buffalo Bob had a heart attack, NBC set up a one-camera, one-mic studio in his home and microwaved his segment back to downtown. Kids were told that Bob was “on assignment” at Pioneer Village. They would check in with him and, ironically, he would do the commercials. Commercials pay for the show, you know.

  24. rpterz says:

    Awesome! It’s Highway Doody time!

  25. JahsirAtari says:

    the clown is frightening…

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