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How to make chips

Creating chips is a quite straightforward procedure, and you can make them en masse, freezing them for later use.

This is a three stage recipe. Stage one is preparing your potatoes into the classic chip shape. Stage two is par cooking, also referred to as blanching, and lastly stage 3 is cooking the chips.

The advantage of this recipe is that you can Blanche a load of chips, and then freeze them so you can finish cooking them later. This indicates that stages 1 and two can be done when you have plenty of no cost time, and stage 3 is then fast and easy.

The approach is quite lengthy, but do not let it fool you! Creating your own home produced chips is straightforward. I just like to be thorough when I write a recipe.

To make your own chips, you will need to have:

1)      A good sharp knife.

two)      Some potatoes (1 per person for a tiny portion, two for a large and 3 for American). Maris Piper potatoes are the finest for chips, but any potato can work at a pinch

three)      A chopping board.

4)      A peeler if you want to remove the skin

five)      A pot

6)      A significant amount of cooking oil

7)      A cooker (Obviously)


Component 1, cutting to the correct shape:

1)      Peel your spuds.

2)      Next you require to ‘square off’ your potatoes. This is accomplished by cutting a little quantity off each long edge of the potato, so that when you appear at it face on, it has a slightly a lot more square shape.

three)      Determine how thick you want your chips to be, then cut the potato lengthways to that thickness.

4)      Keeping the pieces together, turn them over so that your cuts are now horizontal. Repeat the cuts again with the very same thickness.

five)      You will now have a handful of chip shaped potato! Rinse them off to remove excess starch, and then dry them with a kitchen towel.

Part two, Blanche.

1)      Fill the pot with sufficient oil to totally immerse the chips and then a fair measure more besides. You do not need to be deep frying them, but you need to be able to stir your chips without having them leaving the oil.

two)      Pre heat the oil to 130 degrees Celsius.

three)      Add the chips and stir them every single so frequently so as to stay away from them sticking to the pot.

4)      After 7-8 minutes, your chips ought to be cooked and soft, but lacking in any colour, hence the term ‘blanche’ which is French for white.

5)      Leave your home produced chips to cool, preferably in the fridge.

6)      If you are not going to use all the chips at once, freeze the as soon as you do not need correct away.

Component three, actual cooking.

1)      Fill the pot with oil again, but this time pre heat to 180 degrees Celsius.

2)      Add the chips. Be cautious as they will probably spit, specifically if frozen.

three)      Your house created chips are truly already cooked all this stage is for is to make them crispy and gold. As soon as they have a nice colour to them, drain off the oil and serve! Remember to maintain stirring them though. The end result will be a nicely colour chip, with a crisp outer layer and a soft inner core.

And there you have it, how to make your own chips.

Written by EvisT

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