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How They Make potato Chips

The porductionline of potato chips.
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25 Responses to “How They Make potato Chips”

  1. BlazingWind200 says:

    final step is… name yourself “L”. keep your identity hidden for the rest of your life.

    my favorite part of this diet plan is… that you can take a potato chip… AND EAT IT!

    This message is Light Yagami approved!

  2. BlazingWind200 says:

    for those people who are looking to “lose weight, not gain it” i have a suggestion…

    wear a plain white shirt, blue jeans, and no socks. never brush your hair, and dont sleep for five years. now sit with your feet up and hug your knees. you can eat cake, ice cream, drink tea with 50 cubes of sugar, and sustain a healthy weight. the sitting with your knees up is most important because it increases your thinking by 40%. you should be able to loose weight just by simply thinking alot. and the

  3. dunnystuff says:

    mmmmm potato chips…..

  4. smokey23112 says:

    they actually use peanut oil, gives it a better taste

  5. santajimi says:

    I want that potato pealer at home!

  6. allymfc0212 says:

    But….. How are skips made ? :)

  7. simmytime says:


  8. PraGai13 says:

    ทำมันฝรั่งแผ่น ดีมากเลยครับ

  9. 42underscored says:

    I’ll make a potato chip… And SELL IT.

  10. mayhudson says:

    >Look at the video responses
    >I KNEW IT!

  11. MrMultiLol says:

    how u ppl clean those things :

  12. p0rcelaing0d says:

    fucking canadian accents

  13. RBrabies says:

    I’ll take a potato chip AND EAT!

  14. Overfall1 says:

    filmed for a potato , filmed by a potato

  15. micericeking111 says:

    I’ll take a potato chip…AND EAT IT!

  16. TheWallacestorm says:

    bad quality but thanks

  17. xrtowner360x says:

    Holey shit

  18. ProgramPartner says:

    @cartain12 Sure you are

  19. segagamer34 says:

    @MastaGT No

  20. MastaGT says:

    @segagamer34 So you like copying comments for thumbs up

  21. Kingofslowmo says:

    dude the quality sucks…

  22. miamiwax says:

    i bet everybody in this factory is fat

  23. Gool349 says:

    couch potato chips

  24. XxSugary says:

    lazy people.jk jk

  25. askadetra says:

    this is not a food, but it is tasty and crispy

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