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How It’s Made – Potato Chips

Learn how bagged potato chips are fabricated in this video.

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25 Responses to “How It’s Made – Potato Chips”

  1. MsSexygurl98 says:

    Thumbs up if u wanted to eat chips after u saw this

  2. DMXP100 says:

    @lotrlover4ever 24 hours after harvesting.

  3. lotrlover4ever says:

    @jeremylim123 mm hmm. well, i agree with u there. but still, she does NOT no a ton of stuff about chips OR ice cream treats. she’s prob just reading off a sheet and is prob surprised herself. even tho some of those comments r’nt even tru. (c my comments on How It’s Made Ice Cream Treats)

  4. Airsoftsouth11 says:

    thunbs up if you where eating chips when you watched this

  5. jeremylim123 says:

    @lotrlover4ever In the video it said that they must be “no more than 24 hours old” Which means that during the process of ‘harvesting’ the potatoes, they must be shipped to the factory within 24 hours or like the video says they will have black spots which i don’t really believe since most of the chips i had had black spots on them.

  6. RandomChris46 says:

    they forgot the part where they fill 95% of the bag up with air!

  7. RandomChris46 says:

    @TheSofie1234 ik right

  8. 866marluxia says:

    Light Yagami liked this video 814 times!

  9. lotrlover4ever says:

    “no more than 24 hours long” ???? dude, they’ve been
    growing 4 more than 24 f***ing hours!!!! and how are
    they supposed 2 b less than 24 hours??? do they have
    their company next to some potato farm or something?

  10. KyleGotzSkillz says:

    Potato chips = MY LIFE

  11. blizzarox says:


  12. SuperChickenBanana says:

    26 People Are Potatoes.

  13. nobodymik says:

    Thumbs up if you want potato chips right now!!! :D

  14. evilnecrosis says:

    crisps, not chips >:o

  15. 13linkinparkluver13 says:

    Cheeeeese puuuuuuuffss…

  16. JWStreeter says:

    suddenly i have a craving for chips and cheese puffs

  17. lokisg3 says:

    25 people are NOT a couch potatoes.

  18. arshini01 says:

    some of the chips do have black spots…yikes

  19. Jatycre says:

    Do me a favor Mr. Factory Worker Man Guy, please put some gloves on when you’re touching my taters.

  20. mattmax11 says:

    just think if that customer liked his potatoes thick then chips would have never been invented

  21. timothymothy says:

    they then go to the store where we buy them….(breathes heavily)….AND EAT THEM!! thumbs up if you get this.

  22. webdeveloper007 says:

    i love crisps

  23. 21ricky666 says:

    last time i checked they were called cheese puffs not cheesies…

  24. TehKitteh01 says:

    ..I get brown and green chips alot.

  25. circular05 says:

    What a wonderful soundtrack to eat chips to. Let’s get that music on iTunes, people.

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