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House of Dark Shadows-Barnabas arrives

..clip from the 1970 movie. The movies are much more frightening and violent than the TV show. This was filmed at the Lyndhurst Estate, in Tarrytown, NY. For those of you who don’t know, Barnabas is the man in the portrait. He is a vampire who was recently set free from his chained coffin by a grave robber.

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25 Responses to “House of Dark Shadows-Barnabas arrives”

  1. DarkClosure says:

    I didn’t know there were movies.

  2. gaymuraki says:

    Just found out today that Tim Burton and Johhny Depp are making a movie out of this series that will be released in 2011. Johnny Depp will play Barnabas.


    I can’t wait to go out and bite someone tonight

  4. trafficwarrior says:

    The doorbell should have rung the theme from Nightmare on Elm street..LOl!

  5. myrnavega01 says:

    I ran home from the bus station and ran up the second floor and my mom had the tv on so that I wouldn’t miss “Dark Shadows”, its part of my past. Love it still after so many years.

  6. myrnavega01 says:

    Love this, back in the 60′s I never missed it.

  7. Deetroiter says:

    I remember being little in the late 80′s or early 90′s, they would always show Dark Shadows on CBC 9 Windsor. I thought it always looked like absolute shit. Like the lighting, the makeup, everything was cheesy. BUT, being older now, I absolutely love the look of it, the camera angles and everything else.

  8. sarah67act says:

    The whole show is available on DVD box set.

  9. rosisama says:

    @apple488 ,look in youtube:

  10. alertpan501 says:

    Thanks for posting the video. I just watched the full episode online at lastnightstvshows (.) com

  11. nmelchor247 says:

    @360whiplash yes it is

  12. nmelchor247 says:

    @leia176oo yes it is i have a copy of it

  13. nmelchor247 says:

    how do you download a video to youtube would it be a copywrite infringement or what i have dark shadows on dvd

  14. nmelchor247 says:

    @leia176oo yes i have a copy of it

  15. RHigh1989 says:

    @SellawEvets Oh cool, maybe it will make the movie a little more understandable with 30 more minutes of footage. I heard it was edited badly. I can’t wait to see them in high quality.

  16. SellawEvets says:

    @leia176oo It’s not on DVD yet, but it will be soon according to the Soaps page in TV Guide magazine. Both this and Night of Dark Shadows are coming to DVD, and NODS will include 30 minutes of previously unseen footage.

  17. 6331255 says:

    Joan Bennett was a class act! Jonathan Frid was one of the best! I don’t know any stars that could pull of the show like they did!!!!

  18. Bestmanme08 says:

    LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stokes was played by a fat ham! Actually Thayer David was merelya acsene chewer! He only had like 2 ways to play a character! This show scared Jeffrey Hunter– read the great bio All About Jeffrey Hunter at amazon and see how Hunter was sacred of a certain DS performer!

  19. MorganScorpion says:

    Oh Mr Collins, what big teeth you have!


  20. Bestmanme08 says:

    An actress from this show scared Jeffrey Hunter (Captain Pike from Star Trek)! Read the great new bio All About Jeffrey Hunter at amazon to learn more about his Dark Shadows actress fear!

  21. jursee33 says:

    I think Stokes is great, he’s so blunt haha and did such a great convincing job in the series with the varying characters

  22. YMA1956 says:

    screwed up plenty of chores because I was busy watching this instead. Can’t remember any of the story lines but it was AWESOME!

  23. dannellNraven says:

    my mom got me hooked on this show 10 years ago, watching it on sci-fi!

  24. azzarbprime says:

    I also used to run home from school, turn on the TV to ‘Dark Shadows’ and sat there, not saying a word.

  25. JCMC57 says:

    How did he know that was a door bell?

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