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  1. theguywhorulestheman says:

    When she asks have u ever tried drugs she puts 1 finger down the next shot 3 are down??

  2. karinaSmed says:

    first time I ever saw Kassem :D

  3. natethegreatguy says:

    I don’r remember Marco having bad

  4. lavigne777619 says:

    @knccc1 i noticed, but i hoped no one else would

  5. derikdjmaster says:

    Hun! Assbugers! So funny:)

  6. Neshhi says:

    Hun :L so true she over used the word

  7. tomandchooky says:

    Craziest thing that happened at mah highschool; we were dissecting a lamb’s heart and my friend severed an artery and blood spurted out in his face XD

  8. abluvhorses says:

    Hehe, gotta love the gay dude.

  9. CanuckGaming says:

    Asbergers isn’t a disease, it’s a mental condition… Just saying

  10. ilovewitchandAken123 says:

    shane should’ve had 9 because his mom calls him a faggot everyday :p

  11. knccc1 says:

    @lavigne777619 his name is marco btw

  12. robmans42 says:

    as tru as this was, i still lov degrassi, well i did untill all the old characters died or got wrote out :( entertainment just isnt the same anymor

  13. gillyobaggin says:

    i feel sick and scared and freaked.

  14. babynijer99 says:

    *sigh* I miss the old degrassi the new ones suck balls.

  15. Mallowbreeze says:

    Shane Shouldve Had 9 Fingers…. Because His Mom Calls Him A Faggot Every Day Too!!!

  16. greenday2themax says:

    craziest thing at MY school?!?! Nothing, my school is boring but annoying and I hate it

  17. Sami890000 says:

    3:21 L O L

  18. texhonkerhose says:

    marcus are you really gay!!!!!

  19. IMadeThisCuzYouSmell says:

    OMG! I have Mr Simpson too…oh wait

  20. XxShinigamiLivixX says:

    Why did Shane not put his finger down at 07:21? His mom calls him faggot in nearly every video she is in. XD

  21. shingingstar98 says:

    i am a die-hard degrassi fan. ive seen every episode. sometimes when things i love are being made fun of i get upset. but that was HYSTERICAL!!!!! :D

  22. za6nza6n2001 says:

    my brother has asbergers. god bless him

  23. AngelGirl1591 says:

    Just wait til he finds out Degrassi is a real school

  24. KeshaKendra says:

    I have watched degrassi a bunch of times. Who is liberty?

  25. RubberManatee says:

    -_- makin fun of gays.

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