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Hop-Along Cassidy – Trailer (1935)

An evil ranch foreman tries to provoke a range war by playing two cattlemen against each other while helping a gang to rustle the cattle. Each cattleman blames the other for missing cattle. With the help of Bill Cassidy (Hop-along, because of an earlier bullet wound) and Johnny Nelson, the warring cattlemen join forces to do in the outlaws.
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25 Responses to “Hop-Along Cassidy – Trailer (1935)”

  1. AgentSmithClan says:

    Way before my time, but I saw a few of the movies as a kid in the 90′s and fell in love. Got back into them a bit ago and bought all the dvds, it’s still great stuff. I get as nostalgic about it as I would if I had grown up with it in the early 50′s.

  2. ahernra says:

    this is so embarrassing! cant believe any one would watch this.

  3. randolph65 says:

    i wish we could see them still on tv do u know where are being show

  4. larryinvegas says:

    I remember seeing Hoppy (William Boyd) riding Topper down the street in my hometown as our parade grand marshall. He stopped right in front of me, rared Topper back on his hind legs, gave me a wink and tipped his hat to the crowd. What a thrill!

  5. LligNitram says:

    the first record I ever bought was Hopalong Cassidy and the Haunted Goldmine on a 78rpm disc. its haunted my memory ever since. Does any one have a copy?

  6. ilcooper says:

    Cool stuff! Iffen you have a hitch in your giddyap this is what to watch to cheer your spirits!

  7. ppaulmorris says:

    We had a Hopalong Cassidy carpet in out bedroom. Our mother taught us the song (Billy Boyd). Brilliant.


    I used to have a Hopalong Cassidy gun & holster set. I also had an annual with a TV set on the cover…those were the days!

  9. ErnstBecker says:

    Hop-Along Cassidy was my hero when I was small. When he kicked his cook
    Hop Sing in the arse — he slipped right off the scales.

  10. GrizzledGeezer says:

    Hop-Along was so named because he had a bad leg. This was eventually dropped in the film.s

  11. bikeswinegary says:

    I have an original hopalong cassidy mug I sent for as a kid in the 50s, wonder what it is worth now!

  12. richardwilson1234 says:

    i remember these films from the early
    60s at the saturday afternoon pictures. we’d get rocket man and the little rascals too. happy days:)

  13. InnocentWar1 says:

    This was way before its time. I remember it from my childhood in the mid-60ths, real good actually.

  14. Paramorerocks19 says:

    i want to see Percy Jackson in screen..old classic, my grandpa use to watch it as a kid, he said it was his favorite show/radio

  15. dougj88 says:

    Yes this was good stuff wish we could see more like this.

  16. codyz1112594 says:

    this is old as fuck

  17. pete123pr says:

    I remember I once received as a b,day gift a Hopalong Cassidy wrist watch.Imagine how much it would be worth today!!

  18. lyndloo says:

    just brill!!!!!!!

  19. saunders49 says:

    Wow…brings back great memories! William Boyd, a silent screen actor of the 1920′s…eventually became one of the richest men in Hollywood as he owned ther rights to the merchandising of Hopalong.

  20. NWesterner says:

    Great stuff!

  21. lookinfine123 says:

    Now tell me, how cool is this man???!!1 HE’S THE BEST!!! =] <333 u, Hoppalong Cassidy! =]

  22. sebreathnach says:

    Saw it in the early forties. We didn’t know at that time what a range-war was. We just loved the horses, especially Hoppy’s, Hoppy’s voice, open air, and guns, guns, guns. Hoppy knew everything. And more important than his omniscience (or the American ways he was introducing us to ) was the simple but all-important fact – he never kissed a girl! Roy Rogers did! And Gene Autry might… but Hoppy…never!

  23. 7772399 says:

    That’s pretty good for 1935 !

  24. moondoggy63 says:

    absolute classic-watched it on saturday morning growin up!!!

  25. lkijju says:

    Great stuff, I loved Hopalong when I was a kid.

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